It’s Not About Me

The message that comes in today is, “It’s not about me.”

When I’m in line at the grocery store and the clerk is rude: Nope, it’s not about me.

When I’m at work and my co-worker is snippy: Nope, it’s not about me.

When I’m feeling pressured to do things a certain way instead of honoring myself and my process: Nope. That’s not about me either.

I can almost hear you saying, “Wait. Say that again?,” but you heard me right. By now most of us know that the things outside of us, whether that be the day’s weather, other people’s reactions, or the insane driver in front of us on the way to work, do not involve us. Yet, today’s next-level teaching is about the fact that even those things that our minds hold onto and judge as being about us — including internal stress, anxiety, moodiness, tiredness, lack of self-love, feeling depressed, emotional, etc. — may on the surface be about our present experience, but at the level of the Soul, this is about releasing the old and embracing forgiveness, joy, and higher frequencies. We do this not just for ourselves, but for our ancestors, our families, our partners, our world, and for those who cross our paths in big and small ways every day.


It is helpful to remember that no matter what appears to be going on outside or what we are feeling, our Souls chose to be on Earth at this time to BE the Light and to be examples of Love. Our ancestors, our Spirit Teams of Light (including God/Source/Higher Power, Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings of Light, and our own Souls) walk beside us in every moment to cheer us on and assist us in spreading even more Light to our planet so that we can truly live out our Soul’s purposes here.

My encouragement to you: Decide to turn things over. Let Go and Let God/Soul/your YOUniverse/Highest Self show you the way. Remember that we are anchoring in more and more of NEW Earth’s Unity Consciousness so it makes sense that each of us are moving from “I” consciousness to “We” consciousness and clearing timelines for those who do not yet have (or did not have) the current Ascension tools and energies we currently have to work with.


Today, on what is supposed to be the first day of April and a sign of Spring, it snowed all day. I am not a fan of winter on the best of days and this seemed like a cruel April Fool’s Day joke from Mother Nature. This unexpected weather is such a minor thing in the grand (Divine) perspective yet I felt angry, exhausted, didn’t want to get out of bed, was snippy to my spouse, etc. for most of the day.

Then, just like a light bulb, I got the message: “It’s not about me.”

True, I was having a personal experience (and judging it, which is why I felt so badly). Yet, that was only true on one level. On the Soul level, these feelings which were much more than just annoyance about the weather, were a signal of deep stuff clearing out of my system, most of which does not even entirely belong to me! I could choose to fight it (which I knew from previous experience would lead to more suffering) or I could choose to flow with it and let go. Thankfully, I chose to turn this over. Like anything else, the more I practice, the easier this becomes and the faster I get to return to my highest version of ease, joy, and flow.

And, because my Soul is so thorough, I saw this photo today to help me really get the point:


For me, this is a helpful remember not to be fooled by outer circumstances, to be true to myself, and to remember why I AM here… even when it’s snowing in April! 🙂

Until next time… Many blessings of Pure Love and Light!

Andara: Acceleration Crystals

Many of us who are into spiritual growth are familiar with using crystals like quartz, citrine, and amethyst for healing and meditation. While Andaras share the name “crystal,” those who work with them quickly discover that these are very different. It has been said (and experienced) by many that the Andara are “next generation” crystals, here to help us on an individual and collective level during our Ascension onto NEW Earth.

Unlike other crystals, Andaras don’t need to be cleansed or activated in any way. These beings of Light (for that IS what they are) share unique messages, activations, and intuitive wisdom to rapidly accelerate spiritual growth just by being in their presence. It is often said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and so it is with the Andara.

There are some who would look upon these as nothing more than a piece of glass. Yet, for many of us who have become Andara stewards, even looking at an Andara photo can provide release, comfort, self-empowerment, and awakening beyond that which we had access to before. If on any level these resonate with you, know that you are ready.


For those who do resonate, we become acquainted with the Andara by gazing into them, bathing with them (they love water and bring out playful/relaxing energy when used in this way), basking with them in the sun, being infused into water or tea, placing them on the third eye or any chakra for intuitive growth and healing, taking photos of them and seeing what appears for you, using them in healing sessions with clients, and much more. Truly, the way each co-creates with an Andara is limited only by the imagination.

One of my favorite ways to work with Andara crystals is by placing one under my pillow while I sleep. In the dream state, my mind is not fussing about anything and I can more easily receive the gifts the Andara bring.


During one of my early Andara experiences, I woke up with a jolt in the middle of the night and exclaimed loudly. I had woken up because I felt two of my brain cells fuse together. I knew at once that it was the Andara working on me and that I had just had my pineal (spiritual) gland powerfully activated. Nothing like that has ever happened with the crystals I had worked with before, but since working with Andara, many strange and unexplainable shifts, knowings, and manifestations have occurred.

Like much on my spiritual journey, I rely less on outer appearances and I choose to go within toward my own inner knowing and experience to choose what is right. For me, I came to know and love the Andaras one year ago, and I have not looked back since.


While these photos hardly do my Andaras justice, I place them here so that you may gaze, tune in, and begin to receive the radical, uplifting TRUTH that these beings have to share.

For more information and to purchase, visit Erica Rock’s store, Andara Awakening. *

Until next time…. LOVE & MANY BLESSINGS!


WIN_20170317_09_53_20_Pro (2)

Left: Aqua Angel, Middle: Terra Nova Teal, Right: Electric Green

WIN_20170317_09_50_10_Pro (2)

Heaven’s Gate Andara


WIN_20170317_09_48_49_Pro (2)

Tanzanite/Elestial Sapphire Andara


*Beware of fakes. While there are many places to purchase Andara, often at seemingly cheaper prices than on Andara Awakening, this is where I purchase most of my Andara because having personally worked with these, I know and trust this source. Please use your judgment and if price is an issue, know that the smaller pieces are just as deeply activating as the larger ones. All Andara, regardless of species or description, will do exactly what you are ready to receive when you are ready to receive the next step on your spiritual journey.


Beloved Talks with a Magician: Part 2

As a recap, Merlin (the famed wizard of medieval legend) had been coming to me over a period of months during various meditations. I am certainly not the only person who has ever channeled Merlin, but it’s been fun to connect with this aspect of myself and to bring forth the wisdom there which I gladly share with you.

In case you missed Part 1 of this post, you can read that here.

As it can be quite tiresome to switch back and forth between my consciousness and Merlin’s, I have chosen to simply allow him to speak whatever messages and guidance he has to share today.

Let the Magic Unfold!


Me: Merlin, last week we left off discussing “not taking things personally.” However, I feel inspired to have you share a New Moon Blessing with us as the Full Moon is coming in just a couple days. As you probably know, many humans are attracted to the energies of the moon. What can you share about this? Specifically, how can we use the Full or New Moon to our advantage? Above and beyond that, please feel free to share whatever you would like us to know at this time.

Merlin: Ah, it’s a pleasure to be back, Nicole. Thank you. Messages on the New Moon. Well, to understand the New Moon, it’s best to discuss the energy of the moon itself. The “attraction” as you say, is not mere coincidence or one of mere convenience. No. The moon holds powerful frequencies that one can surely harness if one is aware.

Ideas for harnessing the New Moon (or Full Moon for that matter) would be first and foremost to set out any crystals or healing stones you have from the Earth (yes, pure stones… not man-made). Set them out a day before to absorb the energy of both Heavens and Earth. You may want to specifically state that intention as you set them out.

The next thing to do would be to clarify your specific moon intention. Moons act, much like your Earth, around Galactic signs, trinities, and energies. During the time of the New or Full Moon, all of this gets amplified. It’s really not hard and manifesting with the moon need not be a complicated strategy. It simply requires you to tune in to whatever star you are.

Your Earth is a star planet. So are others, but each of you in your human form has a star being presence. Tune in to her (or him) and receive their gifts and blessings. Even above and beyond any human-based intentions, this would be the most powerful blessing you can receive, as your star being has a much wider view and expanded vantage point from which to view your life and your circumstances.

From there, you may set any intention that you may wish, though I must warn you not to be foolish and limited. The New/Full Moon takes to heart all that you desire, so it behooves you to take to heart more than you would ordinarily request or ask for. Remember: The human mind is limited. The galactic Source is not.

New/Full Moons are also great times on your Earth for clearing. Clearing out old, whether that be old “stuff,” old clothes, old books, old journals — yes, journal burning is a good one. But above all else, follow the voice that is in your heart. Before doing any sort of ritual, one must ask one’s self, “Does this resonate with me?” Do not simply listen to me because I am Merlin. Listen to your own heart. I simply offer suggestions and advice.

Now, as for other topics, I feel that you most need to know about inspiration. By that, I mean, what inspires you, what catches your heart aflame, what truly challenges you beyond your mind’s conceived limits?

For some of you, that’s writing. For others, it’s art. For others still, it’s playing with a child or spending time with a pet. What is it for you? For you see, that which brings joy also brings inspiration. There is no limit to it and no end and it is readily available to all in equal measure.

I see so many of you sitting and struggling and doubting, trying to decide, “Should I do this or should I do that?” “Which way to go?” Yet, you choose to see things through your mind rather than follow your inspiration, which always and only comes from the heart. There is no way around it. If you are to be eternally happy — which, by the way, you all are destined to be — then you must find your way to liberation through the heart.

One suggestion would be, when you wake up ask yourself, “What inspires me today? What brings fire to my heart?” It need not be a big thing. Sometimes what is considered small is best. Yet, choose one thing each day and then do that thing, and watch how your life blossoms and blooms.

As I’ve said before, there’s really no secret to magic. It takes faith and belief, but above all, it takes the choice to believe that magic can exist for you. Not just for the others you see on your TV or on your movie screen. Declare, “Magic exists for me!” And claim it. Then honor it by choosing love. Choosing Light. Choosing all things that bring joy and a smile to your face.

Lightheartedness is magic, too, for it transforms the most dire situation into one of levity and love. In that space, nothing lower can exist. Even your thoughts will be pure and steady when you find lightness in your heart.

If you enjoy reading, read fantasy books. Anything that takes you away from the hustle and trouble of the day. Indulge in love. Smile at your neighbor. Blow bubbles. Go take a walk in nature.

Yes, my wisdom is simple, yet it is pure. It is what so many human beings are missing. We watch you from what you call your Ascended Realms, yet what is so clear and remarkable to us, is that so few of you realize that as much as you exist within the 3D and 5D matrices, you also exist galactically, eternally, and as Ascended Masters. It takes but intention to infuse that knowing into your everyday life. And most of all, we as Ascended Masters (which, truly, I despise that phrase because it creates the false illusion that there are others Ascended when you all are capable of such feats of consciousness) know that love, trust, honor, and joy are the only way to Ascend. Any human that does that, who lives in this way, is already part of our Brotherhood.

And so I leave you with this. Never consider yourself apart from your own Divinity. Remember the sacredness and Ascendedness that you are. Not just in books or in meditation. Not just in writings such as this one. But always. You are always loved. You are always light. You are always given the choice. Ascend, stay the same, or descend. The choice is fairly simple when you think on it.

Live your life as if you were already happy and see the blessings that you are. The more you cultivate this, the more this will be true for you.

Me: Merlin, this brings up an interesting point. The Law of Attraction has become very popular. Basically, it sounds similar to what you said. “Live as if and then it will come.” Do you have any thoughts on that?

Merlin: Oh, dear. Yes. The Law of Attraction is another one of those things that humans have bastardized. Without a full and complete understanding of the Law and how all Universal Laws work together, simply knowing the Law of Attraction is doomed to failure.

There are many more Laws that govern the Universe than the Law of Attraction, but rather than give a boring lecture about each of these (which truly, would take hundreds of pages of work), suffice it to say that the Law of Attraction as you know it is headed out.

As I’ve said before, and so many others are currently saying, there is more Light energy, more Galactic energy, available on your planet than ever before. Today, NEW Earth is not just a pipe dream but a real location. In fact, many locations anchored within Earth’s many layered dimensions. You need only step into one and see for yourself. So, the Law of Attraction, like many old and outdated spiritual tools, is slowly (and quickly, depending on whose perspective you choose) being upgraded to match the new higher frequencies. If I were you, I would focus less on the Law of Attraction and more on the Law of You. Or maybe that’s Laws of You.

Either way, the Laws of You are governed by your own belief systems (which now is as simple as changing timelines if you truly desire to change your beliefs) and by your intentions and by your actions. In the human life stream there will come a time when your intentions will require less action, but many of you are not there yet. You are starting to see a glimpse, or perhaps glimpses of this, but not whole, but in part. Yet, know that this is not just possibility, but probability. Your life stream will see instant manifestation showing up in the unlikeliest places. That is one key that I can share on and elaborate on a bit.

I say the unlikeliest places because it is still true that what you focus on attracts. Yet, too many of you over-focus, which creates a kind of resistance to that which you wish. The secret, the key, is to let go. When you attempt to manifest something you care little about, it manifests quickly. When you attempt to manifest something you care more about, it can have a way of manifesting like a tug of war because you don’t truly believe it. This goes back to what I was saying earlier about belief. Yet, what I also said is true, that there will come a time when the key codes for instant manifestation will become clear, alive, and active within most of you. Then, it will be less a question about belief and more a question about intentionality as what you say and speak will come to be.

One key would be to act as if this is so already. Instead of going through the long, drawn out task of reading affirmations, creating new vision boards, visualizing, and the like, spend ONE single five-minute session, seeing what it would be like if you were to ask and immediately see what you asked for before your very eyes. Then, think no more about it and watch what shows up.

Again, the secrets for living are not really secrets. True, they do take some finesse, but I say that this is capable and reachable within each of you. You’re doing very well. Now ease up. Relax. And be clear on your intentions.

So, to recap:

Try the New Moon exercise: set your crystals out in the moonlight for later use and receive a blessing from your star being form. Clear out anything you no longer use and see the Full Moon or New Moon (whichever resonates more clearly for you) as a chance at a fresh start.

Decide to Lighten Up: Read more fiction and fantasy books. Spend time in nature. Start your day by stating what brings you joy, and do that — one joyful thing each and every day.

Manifest in the NEW (Earth) Way: Pretend you have the key code for instant manifestation already active. (In truth, you all do to a more or lesser degree now.) State what it is you want inside your head or aloud. Then, watch it unfold before you within your mind’s eye. Think no more on it for as you say it, it is already done.

Thank you, Merlin, for these truly magical tools. I can’t wait to try them!

Until next time… Blessings of Pure Light, Love, and Magic!




Merging, Purging, and Integration

I was planning on starting my Conversations with Merlin series today. Instead, I feel like relaxing and integrating energy, so stay tuned for channeled messages from Ascended Master Merlin in upcoming weeks. 🙂

As an update, my Ascension journey continues to be more blissful, wild, and magical than ever. I’m currently looking outside my window as the sky pours down buckets of snow, yet I not only see the light gray of the sky, but pink, orange, and rainbow colors, too! Looking at the snow on my deck, snow that should be still when not affected by wind, appears wavy and psychedelic. Even amidst the fierceness of the storm, I can’t help but feel a sense of peace.

Before you start making assumptions… no, I am not taking any drugs or alcohol into my system. However, I consciously set powerful intentions for this month including *seeing* NEW Earth energies and more fully opening/embracing my psychic abilities, so none of this should come as a surprise.

I know others who have had similar experiences along their Ascension journey, which is explained scientifically as the brain secreting hormones such as melatonin and DMT when consciousness expands. (You can read more about that here.) Still, nothing can quite prepare you for the strangeness when this actually occurs.

Explorer of Consciousness that I AM, instead of being freaked out, I choose to see it all as Magic, Light, and Love showing up in my physical reality as I continually expand my perception of what is possible. I also take it as a sign that I AM Ascending into NEW Earth, which means opening myself up to new ways of existing while also leaving behind old illusions, fears, trauma, and limiting beliefs.

Today, I leave you with this Divine Energy/Reiki-infused photo. Take a few moments to embrace this powerful energy in whatever way is right for you. It seems obvious, but I feel guided to mention that you can print this out if you wish, so someone may need to hear that today. (I’m waaay beyond the point of questioning my inner guidance, so there you go!)

Until next time… Love, Light, and Many Blessings!






What’s Next? (Moving Into 5D & Ascension)

Hello, dear readers! First of all, I’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to all of you who posted such beautiful comments in response to last week’s blog. Each of you has reminded me why I continue to share my writing and my experiences here. Thank you much!

Today, I want to share something that I don’t talk about often. I actually haven’t shared this on this blog… ever. I think part of the reason was needing to understand for myself more of what has been going on. Also, I fully admit that what I’m about to share is totally in the realm of “out there,” and “woo woo,” to the max. However, in keeping with my theme of Truth and Action this year (funny… my life IS really all about that more and more!), y’all deserve to know what’s up.


I have been in various degrees of spirituality and integration of higher vibrations ever since learning about energy healing in 2009. Last year, through having sessions and daily activations with April Olas, I started to notice that my psychic abilities — in particular, my ability to feel energy — began to blossom in a big way. Most notably, I observed that when I listened to her energy-encoded mp3s or participated in her daily energy transmissions, my crown (top of head) started tingling.

Fast forward a few months when I began work with Erica Rock* and I became activated even more. In particular, in the months leading up to my Grace Blessings Retreat with Erica this August, as well as receiving (almost) daily energy transmissions from her, my crown and now the top of my left foot (!) is in a near constant state of tingling and fire.

In the midst of all this, I also began to work with Andara — extremely high vibration crystals which bring forth new energies and activations for me daily. In particular, I like to sleep with these crystals under my pillow and boy, do they bring forth some wild dreams! Yet, I am now at a point where I enjoy the dreams and wake up feeling refreshed. (This was not always the case in the beginning, as it takes awhile to adjust to the high energy of these. Andara are totally unlike the crystals that many New Age/spiritual/metaphysical folks have been working with and I will probably write about these magnificent beings in a separate post sometime.)

The reason I am mentioning all of this is because I hear so many talk about Ascension symptoms, integration of energy, and light portals. I also share so that what I’m about to say is put into the proper context, meaning: I did not just wake up one day with all of these strange sensations. It was, and continues to be, a process.

After a closer examination of what the heck happened last week, I realized that as we went through the 1:22 portal, my rage was bringing forth a lot of deeper “stuff” which spanned more than just the topic at hand. Clearly, to move on to my next phase, I needed to take a step back in order to observe and to move past these illusions of self-doubt, angst, betrayal, and more.  Coming out on the other side, I now feel like a new person. I feel energized, fully alive, and frankly, kind of like I stuck my finger in a light socket!

While there is part of me that has stopped trying to logically figure out the exact meaning behind these experiences, I know that it’s not often that I write at 8 pm feeling like the top of my head is on fire and words pouring out of me like a faucet, so somebody somewhere needs to hear this message — possibly another aspect of myself who is still trying to prove that all of this stuff if real. 🙂

I have come to accept that the crown tingling, heat running through my body, need to sleep A LOT now, and all of the various stages of emotion that I go through as all of this happens, is part of  my Ascension journey… at least for now. It’s actually exciting as I feel like I am now receiving new energies from within, manifesting outwards.

A quick aside: When I refer to Ascension, I am referring to the physical and energetic journey from a 3d (physical, material, “see it before I believe it,” struggle, duality, lack, fear, etc.) world into a higher dimension. Most people who study New Age spirituality call this higher dimension 5d, though it is generally understood that other dimensions exist beyond the fifth. Another common term used for 5d is Heaven on Earth. As opposed to the third dimension, this is a place of magic, mystery, and where the original Divine blueprint is restored (before the actual or metaphoric “fall from grace” referred to in the Biblical Garden of Eden story). In 5d, everything that we experienced in 3d gets turned upside down. Manifestations happen super fast and there can be a sense of inner peace/stillness as well as an increased focus on unity and being in service. (I didn’t make this up. A lot of this language comes from Lisa Transcendence Brown, April Olas, Erica Rock, and others… far too many sources to remember or name.)

Back to my story, I wanted to share my particular version of Ascension as a lot of times, people go through the spiritual journey feeling alone. For myself, I’ve had to fight the belief that I’m the only one with these odd sensations as for the most part, the people I encounter on a daily basis aren’t into spiritual stuff and don’t really understand most of what I’m experiencing.

Now, I do want to mention that we are all different. As such, your spiritual journey will probably look and feel unique from mine. Part of the reason behind these differences is because we all have various triggers and “stuff” to work through to reach our experience of Heaven on Earth. I’ve come to believe that a lot of my spiritual work has to do with rewiring my brain — getting rid of all of the self-doubt, limitations, fear, and junk that I’ve accumulated over the years — and replacing those with Truth, Love, Light, self-empowerment, and Joy. I take the energy in my crown as a sign that I am increasingly moving into my Higher Self/Divine aspect, releasing a lot of what was holding me back while living in 3d. While at first I was scared, now I embrace the “happy tingles” as I call them, as well as all of the emotions that come up as I am working through and moving beyond each life situation that presents itself.

Really, I think that’s the point. Last year I would have said “onwards and upwards,” but I am beginning to understand that my spiritual journey is more about moving inwards and upwards — expanding through increased self-awareness and simply letting go of what’s no longer working or in alignment.

There’s always more to learn, but overall, I am excited that things that used to take me years to integrate, understand, and to move beyond, are now done in a much shorter space of time. We are in some fast, high vibrational times and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Until next week, I am sending you Love, Joy, and Light!


*My link in this article for Erica Rock is an affiliate link. This is a great resource to learn about Grace Blessings and to receive the latest Ascension tools to keep your vibration UP.  Your purchase here supports me in continuing to be of service to you, and to all who visit this site.





Relationships: The Cause of Suffering?

As many of us still reel from the intensity of 2016, nowhere is this more true than in our relationships. The holidays brought new awareness of issues — some of which were things we had previously shoved aside or tried not to look at for many years. For those willing to step up in their own personal growth, deep forgiveness, awareness, empowerment, Truth, and strong boundary-setting occurred.

In my own life, I experienced these radical shifts with my family but more so, with my husband. I have come to know that the two of us have been together through other lifetimes and as such, our Souls contracted to reincarnate and join so that we could continue our evolution in the Here and Now.


One thing I notice in most of the spiritual groups I am involved in, is that the groups tend to be overwhelming female. It is only in the last year or so that more men have showed up in their Divine Masculine (which is very different from human masculine energy) to join us women on the spiritual path. It’s refreshing as I feel that any sort of imbalance — regardless of the perceived safety of mostly being with other women — is ultimately limiting and damaging to the whole.

Back to my own relationship, the issues that came forth that I personally needed to look at brought us to the brink of separation. I needed to take full responsibility for often ignoring my marriage in favor of going to meditate or hanging out on Facebook groups with people who I felt understood/understand me better than my husband… simply because they are on my spiritual path. The intensity was such that it felt like my husband and I were speaking different languages, which as we vibrate at different levels and see life through our individual filters, does make sense.

Admittedly, it’s so easy to compare myself and my relationship to those who have found their “divine beloved” partner. Both of my spiritual teachers are in fantastic relationships with men who share their spiritual path and I admit to feeling envious. That is, until I examine why their relationships are triggering me.

Looking at my marriage with new eyes, I “see” that my suffering has been because of comparison, thinking that my relationships should look like theirs. I’ve suffered, too, because of the “if only he would…” syndrome. For instance, “If only he would listen to this speaker with me, I know he’d finally understand me.” Or, “If only he would be more open-minded we could both be happy.”

The problem with this line of thinking is that it is a means of trying to control and manipulate the other person. Just as it is wrong for one to persecute another for their beliefs, it is equally unjust for me to criticize him for lack of belief. This attitude leaves no room for his own free will decisions as I think I know what’s best for his evolution more than his own Soul does.

In the past days and weeks, I’ve really had to be Truthful about what I want and need in my marriage. For one thing, I’ve needed to speak up and call him out when he became pushy or started mocking my beliefs. I also needed to tell him when I was going to meditate and just need some space vs. simply going away to another part of the house without warning. Now, instead of ignoring his genuine questions about my path, I have attempted to answer them as fully and honestly as I can. As I take these considerations in mind — and as always, pray and meditate with my Angels — I notice that his attitude has slowly shifted into one of consideration for my needs, Truth about what he wants from our relationship, and more love.

How did this happen? Because I choose to meet the challenge as required instead of running away from my very real feelings and emotions. I also choose to respect and accept that he may never be on the spiritual path as fully as I am, while at the same time, giving him the space to join me if he wishes.

Admittedly, it is hard to let go of this “need” for my partner to live life exactly the way I choose to. After all, I love him and I want him to experience the bliss and magic that connection to Pure Source provides. However, every Soul has a choice. It is up to each one to Awaken and to experience this for themselves and no amount of forcing or cajoling can change that. I am, and my relationship is, a work in progress but we agree that it is still one worth the effort. I have also accepted that marriage is not a fairy tale. All relationships have cycles and we may not be meant to be together “forever.” However, as long as it still feels good and mutually healthy for both of us, that’s all that matters. A regular review and honesty about our relationship is required to determine this.

In the meantime, I continue to look to outside friends who share my path for support and discussion in a way that my husband is not able to provide. Yet another lesson for me, too, has been to release my dependency on having my partner provide everything for me… knowing that I can use all of my resources as well as my Higher Self for support when needed.

This new attitude of Openness continues to surprise me as even within the past two weeks I notice that he has been less judgmental about my spiritual practices and more open to discussion. Of course, while I’d like to take all of the credit, he has done a tremendous job of self-awareness and has committed to working on our relationship as well. I also credit my daily Forgiveness prayers, my Spirit Team (Angels, Ascended Masters, and Teachers here) and my Andara for continuing to give me access to new energies that assist my heart opening.

My themes for 2017 are Truth and Action. Within my relationship, this means, 1) Release assumptions. 2) Be Truthful — no more hiding my spiritual practices because I fear being judged as “crazy” or “weird” for being myself. 3) Remain Open to change.

Blessings to you and to all of our relationships. And as always, much Love!


Fun! A Summary of Abraham Teachings

I’d heard about Abraham Hicks before, but over the past month, I’ve really been absorbed. I watch their YouTube videos almost non-stop. Then I bought their meditation app  (really a book with audios, called Getting into the Vortex — It’s very good, by the way). And I listen to Abraham while I work.

Looking back, after my “revelation” in February … which felt more like a remembering that I should try channeling, it now makes perfect sense that I would be attracted to Abraham whose wisdom is channeled with such precision and clarity by Esther Hicks.

In one inspired moment, I drafted a summary of what I think are the essential teachings of Abraham. I feel they are so valuable because these words cover nearly every topic on the planet. They are spoken with love, clarity, and most importantly, they just really resonate.

Please note, I take no credit for this. These words are a summary (my interpretation) of the teachings of Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks.


So, without further ado, I present:

Fun! A Summary of Abraham Teachings

1 Be easy. Meditation helps with this. It’s a great way to start your day.

2 Be happy.  It only takes  16 seconds to switch your thoughts and start the momentum towards a new vibration. No matter who is around you or what you’re doing, choose happy! Eventually, this high vibration will be so practiced that you can go anywhere, do anything, and be with anyone and it simply won’t bother you. But until then, it’s okay to ignore your problems. In fact, the more you chill out, the more likely it is that the solution and new conditions will appear, as if by magic (but really, that’s just the Law of Attraction).

3 Appreciate everything. Even the contrast launches “rockets of desire” and spurs you towards what you want. Bless those who don’t understand or who you perceive as making your life difficult, as they are helping you on your journey.

It’s not your job to change anyone or anything outside of you. Just stop focusing on it and instead, focus on what IS working, what IS going well. The more you do, the more you attract those better conditions towards you – but really, nothing outside will have changed. Instead, it is your focus that changes your point of attraction.

4 Forget about reality and what is. Start telling a new story… about your career, your health, your finances, relationships, your sex life, your weight, or whatever it is that you are trying to improve. Write it down and think of the new story often. Look for the evidence, the ways it is already showing up. Daydream, imagine, be joyful, and stay focused on what you want.

5 Feel the feeling of what you want as if it’s already occurred. If there’s too much resistance, just drop the subject. Let yourself off the hook. You only have to think about what you want when it feels good… and the real secret is, you don’t have to think about it at all in order for it and more like it, to show up.YOU JUST HAVE TO FEEL GOOD. Eventually, you won’t be able to stop the positivity from flowing. That’s momentum.

6 Chill out. Repeat often, “Everything always works out for me.” Then chill out some more.  It’s not up to you to “make” anything happen. Your job is simply to get in alignment (by feeling good) and then, just allow.

Taking massive action is the old way of doing things. But the gift is in feeling good now, letting yourself feel good and stay there as much as you can, staying focused on what you want (by arguing for your unlimited potential more than your limitations) and then, watch as the Universe lines everything up for you. When it feels right — and not before — then take inspired action.

Admittedly, this one can be tricky, because even some Law of Attraction teachers coach that you’ve got to get out your Vision Board and write affirmations 10 times every day or take some sort of massive action that makes your manifestation occur. The truth is, Source/your Inner Being already knows all is well. Source only sees the solution and it exists now if you would only allow it! But not through force.

Why? Because “forcing” things into being sends out a powerful signal to the Universe that you don’t already have it… that you’re fearful it won’t show up… and that propels more of that same energy. Do nothing except monitor your thoughts and choose to feel good and watch as life comes into balance.

7 Watch the manifestation show up. As you simply let go of trying to make it happen and keep your thoughts focused on feeling good, you’ll be amazed at how soon things will start showing up. But, try to feel good just for the sake of feeling good rather than in order to manifest more money or a better relationship, etc.

Don’t fall into the trap of keeping score by noticing what hasn’t shown up, but rather, stay in the energy of positive expectation and excitement. The Universe already knows everything you desire. It’s already cued up for you. The question is, will you allow it?

Feel good because it feels good to feel good. And watch how the feeling good naturally brings more into your experience to feel good about. Then, as you notice what comes and you appreciate it, more good shows up. The secret is, there’s no secret. It’s just how the Universe works.


What should I do when I can’t feel good? What about this bill I need to pay or my boss who is demanding, or…, or…, or…

Here’s what to do:

Take a deep breath. Realize that no matter what is happening, only you can choose how you think about it. You may not be able to change the circumstance right now in this minute, but you can always choose how you feel. That’s true freedom.

Many people make the mistake of waiting for outside conditions to improve before they feel better. The truth is, you must choose to feel better and then (only then) will different conditions show up and line up for you. So, again, relax. Rest easy.

Some affirmations that help:

  • Things are always working out for me.
  • This thing that I don’t want is showing me what I do want, and as such, the Universe must be bringing that to me.
  • This is a temporary manifestation.
  • I get to choose my thoughts and I’m moving towards something better.
  • I can’t wait to see what shows up next!

If you still feel resistant and find yourself going, “Yeah, but…” then it may be necessary to choose a different subject to think about entirely – something neutral that you have no charge about… like feathers, or the sky, or birds. Think about that topic for awhile. At the same time, bless the topic you’ve been struggling against, as the “reality” is, it is that struggle which shows you what you don’t want so you can know what you do want and begin going in a new direction. And so, there is always value, even in the struggle.

Then, from that higher awareness and feeling of appreciation, go back and pay the bill or have the conversation or whatever it is. Notice how it will feel different to you. Again, it is not the condition that will have changed, but the point from which you view it. And that makes all the difference.

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