Beloved Talks With a Magician: Part 1

I find that channeling is one of those terms that is vastly misunderstood. If I were standing outside of me, looking in, the first question I would ask is, Why channel? Why not just write as my ordinary, human self?

For me, channeling is a way to build trust in my Highest Self, which is not just my Higher Self but giving me access to all parts of me that have wisdom, knowledge, and love that my human aspect does not. That’s not to say that my human self is bad or wrong, but I do find that channeling gives me direct access to knowings that perhaps I am not ready to receive yet in my typical waking state.

Additionally, channeling is fun! And really, what would be the point otherwise?

For months, I have seen and connected with Ascended Master Merlin—yes, Merlin the medieval wizard—during meditation states. We’ve had many adventures and he always comes in when I am ready to access a deeper level of myself. In my experience, Merlin is not as flashy as lore would have us believe. However, like all Ascended Masters (actually, he encourages me to drop the fancy title and just call hiim, “Merle”) he has wisdom to share and many misperceptions to clear.

So, if you’re ready for this Magical ride, I’ll ask you to open your mind, expand your heart, (because let’s face it, channeling is a bit weird to the human) and I’ll let Merlin take over from here.


Merlin: Thank you, Nicole. That was a lovely introduction. You’re right. I do have a lot to share. You need only ask.

Me: Great. Thank you, Merle. My first question is one that came to me recently.

With so much strife, struggle, lack, and dis-ease on this planet, it’s hard to believe that our Souls really contracted to be here. Why would a world have been created for us to experience disconnection from God or the so-called fall from Grace?

Merlin: The fall from Grace is one of those terms that really is used too loosely for my liking. The fact is, not one of you looked down on this planet and said you did not want to come. The fact that most of you don’t remember does not make this fact any less true. Additionally, this is a long story. The fact that Earth exists has less to do with you than you might think. I’m speaking about individually now, not as a collective.

As a collective, you wanted to experience the sweetness that comes with the opportunity to rediscover who Source is. You wanted more options. Of course, as with everything, there is much more to the story than that. For one thing, your Earth, Gaia herself, chose to be your planet. She lives as a multidimensional consciousness, much as you do. She was getting a bit bored and wanted the opportunity to create something new and to assist you all in creating as Source itself.

Now, seeing this plan and hearing of it, there are many beings who did not want you to Ascend. In fact, in some cases, they chose to enslave you. There is what is known as the Soul Wars or Galactic Wars, where each of your Souls has done battle for your right to be here and exist as a Soverign being.

Me: So who are some of those Souls who came to stop our Ascension? Didn’t they know that Ascension was the original Divine plan?

Merlin: Yes, they did, but as on your Earth, simply knowing something does not mean that you won’t try to disregard it. The good news is (and in fact, if you read your Bible, this is part of what Jesus was talking about, though the Bible surely is something else that has been basterdized, but I continue…) The good news is that no matter how seemingly bad things get on your planet, your Ascension is assured. It was part of the Divine plan. Your Souls would not have come here otherwise. You saw it might take lifetimes, but you did know it was coming.

Now, as for the ones who tried to stop you, humans would call these foreign agents or fallen angels.

These include many aspects which seemed to be in favor of helping you, but in fact, were only keeping you stuck. They are the ones who created such negative implants that keep your life not working. They’ve been especially detrimental in destroying the human body and in keeping you from wealth through programs of manipulation and limitation. Their names include, though are certainly not limited to, the lower form of Reptilians, the lower form of Arcturians, the Darkenaries, Arkens, and many more. Strangely enough, your devil, Lucifer is not one of them, though he was planted by such beings as a means to distract you.

However, what you should know now is that in recent years, your Earth has accelerated and been speeding up. She, and the Galactic forces of Light including the beings who are part of the Galactic High Council, have set the stage for an abundant awareness of Pure Love, Pure Light, and the Highest sense of consciousness for all who wish to attain it. Yes, dear, you were born at exactly the right time.

Your Souls have been anxiously awaiting this. Yet, this is why the lower worlds on your planet look so chaotic. There are many things, people, places, and old systems that were put in place a long, long, long, time ago, back nearly to the time when your Earth was created. These all must go in order for all to live and exist on NEW Earth.

Me: Tell me, Merlin … Actually, I was going to ask more direct questions, but it might be simpler for me to simply let you speak. Frankly, it’s hard for my consciousness to keep bouncing back and forth.

So just tell us whatever you think humanity most needs to know now. What would you like to say to my readers and really, to all of us who are on this planet?

Merlin: There is much you think you don’t know, yet you know more than any of you give yourselves credit. There are times when you must think, when you must not speak, and when you must know within, inside yourselves. In that way, you and your blog have got it right. What you need to work on is this idea that when you connect with me, or with any other “Ascended Master,” that you are connecting up. There is no break in connection between me, you, Jesus, Mary, the Buddha, Kuthumi, or with anyone else. All is ONE. That is all. That really is all.

And yet, your human will struggle with this concept. It takes a great knowing and great skill to be able to say to yourselves that you no longer need an Ascended Master to teach you, to guide you, to lead you. You ARE an Ascended Master. You are Christ Consciousness. You are it already. Why? Because you are Love. There is only Source and there is only Love. Actually, I should ammend that to say that there is only ONE Source and that is Love.

Your religions, your people, even your spirituality. You squabble over everything as if there were a limited quantity or if somehow God, the Ultimate Source, would have created not enough. Are you daft? I ask that jokingly as I know you have just been programmed, but really, take a good look at this concept. There is only Light. There is only Truth. There is only ONE way… and that way is abundance.

Now, I know for so many of you when I say abundance, your eyes light up like candles and think, money. I do not mean to demonize money, yet you give it far more credit than it’s worth. Truly, you are the ones and the only ones who keep money away for you in favor of lack. You like to believe that there is not enough, for if you believe that, you do not have to do enough or do more than your human would like to do. “I do not have money,” is one of your favorite phrases. If you did, you would have no excuses.

I say all this not in condemnation but in simple observation. There is nothing and no one holding you back. In previous years, decades, and ages, yes, that would have been the case, but no longer. The energies and the Angelic activities that are available to you are ones that you receive now on a daily basis. Your planet and your Earth allows it. Now, as for the other aspects of abundance, it is time to clear up misperceptions about that too.

Abundance is not simply what you can see with your eyes, observe with your hands, or quickly spend. Abundance is a portal, it’s an activation. It’s a place inside of you that frankly, if you want to know, lives in your spine near your highest vertebra, that is a way for you to maintain this illusion of separation from all that is. Abundance is not just something for you to have or to hold or to spend. Abundance is a dance, that’s why we chose the name. It’s a way for you to express. Abundance is every moment. It keeps you in separation only as long as you choose to be. But you do get to choose.

I think that’s the biggest human misperception, that you don’t get to choose. You do have a choice. You’ve always had a choice. Even when you were enslaved you had a choice. Now, I know you don’t think you did or would have or could ever, but think on this. If there were a way for you to know that you would never have to do a thing again, never push any limits, exceed any boundaries, that you could live the easy life… what would you choose? Your ancestors chose easy and that choice essentially enslaved you.

Please do not misunderstand. I am not saying that being a slave was easy or that slavery was what they expected. I am also certainly not talking about humanity’s slavery over itself which is an entirely different thing altogether. I am speaking about slavery of those galactics you asked me to name over the entire human race. It was not easy, but they could do it, by getting to, confusing, and coddling a few.

Speaking of confusion… where were we? Ah, abundance. So, you see, abundance is truly a choice. The way you activate it within you is to decide. Say to your Universe, I have had enough slavery. I choose abundance. I choose abundance. I choose… and then insert what it is that abundance truly means to you, be it wealth, love, luxury, trips, or anything else. Though personally, if I were you, I would choose abundance of self-worth, self-love, and leave off the rest as I think you’d find that the rest would come if you “only” had that.

Now, what else do I wish for you to learn?

Also, that the Ascension journey need not be difficult. So many of you have created this thing like the Olympics. “I’ve just got to get there!” And you struff and struggle the whole way.

Me: Sorry, I’ve got stop you. Struff?

Merlin: Yes, late 16th century term for struggle and tough. That’s what you do with your Ascension. And then, ho, ho, you tell yourselves that you are so Ascended and so much better than those who are not on this journey. Like your husband, for instance. Did you stop to think that maybe he’s already finished his Ascension journey and is simply waiting for you to catch up? No, I’ll bet you didn’t. Now, don’t go beating yourself up. You didn’t know any better. But now you do, you can ease up on yourself.

Have a little fun. Don’t take life so seriously. Even this series, “Conversations with Merlin.” Can’t we call it something a little more fanciful, whimsical? How about, “Beloved Talks with a Magician.” See, that sounds better already. Just ease up on yourself. Do yourself a favor and the next time you’re out in nature, ask yourself to meet a fairy. They’ll show you a good time, alright.

And keep telling yourself that there’s nothing you need to do to be the Light of God that you already are. You know that intellectually, but I get the sense that for many of you that’s all it is, an intellectual experience. There is a lot more to knowing than thinking.

Go out and buy yourself a balloon. Go blow some bubbles. Get back to childhood simplicity. The children already know that they’re Gods. Why do you think no one can tell them anything? Ha! “If I were a child again… “Well, you can be! There’s nothing to it except deciding to do it.

And for God’s sake, stop judging yourself. Stop judging the process and letting other people judge you. There’s no right or wrong on your journey. Let others have what they want and do what they want and you stay out of it. Concern yourself with you. That’s the way to do it. That way, you’ll never be blamed for making them… or causing them… or any of it. Just laugh and be light-hearted. Smile more on your spiriritual journey. I swear, the lot of you are all too serious.

“Oh, I’m going to meditate with some stones.” “Oh, I’m going to this really serious retreat and I’m going to take notes on everything.” God forbid you miss a word or one of you farts. Ha! I bet you didn’t think I would go there, did you.

Me: Am I allowed to edit that out?

Merlin: Do what you wish, but it’s far more fun to tell the truth. The point is, stop carrying on like you’re all meant to walk on water. You can, and you should, but you don’t have to… nor should you. There are many more things to do than be a healer and perform miracles. It’s called living. When your whole life is a miracle. When your whole life is a healing. That’s when you’ve got it and you’ll have no more need of courses or books or anything else. That’s when you’ll be able to share even more with others, but not from a place of needing them to be where you are. You’ll simply share your love and your experiences and your heart and let them find the Truth for themselves. That’s the most fun. There are a couple of your spiritual tutors who do this.

Me: Wow. Do you mean my spiritual tutors exclusively, or…?

Merlin: Heavens, no. I mean, they do alright. More than alright in fact. But stop taking things so personally. This message isn’t just for you. It’s for all of humanity.

Me: Right. Got it.

Merlin: So, anything else? Actually, stop taking things so personally. That’s a great topic, but I can feel you weakening. You’ll want to take care of yourself. Have something to eat. And get off that blasted computer. Have some fun!

Me: Okay. We’ll pick up there next week.

Merlin: Good. Fine. Until next time. In the meantime, don’t keep the Magic to yourself. Other people deserve to learn. They’ve already got it if they would just allow themselves to believe. I said I would end, but this truly needs to be said.

People said I was a fast magician. “Brilliant,” others called me. The real trick was always that I believed. I knew that I could change that water into wine. Ah, now I’ve got you confused, eh? You think only Jesus did that? And who’s to say that I’m not an aspect of Jesus or that he’s not an aspect of me? Ha, Ha! Well, I just knew. I knew it in my heart. My Soul told me. Simple boy that I am, who was I to question?

It’s the hardest thing and the simplest thing. Keep your belief in Magic and all the Magic in the world will show up for you. The Christians called it having faith, but I like to say that even all the faith in the world is nothing compared to your own inner knowing that something within you can truly change your life. Imagine. All the healers in the world would go out of business if they knew that everyone could change their own life, heal themselves, restore themselves to perfect health. Ah! For another day.

Me: Thank you, Merlin. This was invaluable. I usually do extensive editing but this is so clear already. I can only imagine how long this blog article will be.

Merlin: It’s not the length, it’s the voice. It’s the words. People will resonate and they will read. From now on, I want you to tell your little human to be quiet for awhile. You’re okay. You’ve got this.

Me: Perfect. Many blessings.

Merlin: Me? I’m already blessed. And so are your readers. You really ought to try coming up with a new phrase. How about…. well, never mind. I’m just joking with you. Blessings are welcome at any time. Goodbye.

Me: Goodbye.

Merlin: (whispers) But not really… you didn’t think I’d let you stop having fun while you sleep? Oh, we’ll be busy. Magic school here we come! See you tonight.

Me: Goodbye, Merlin.

End of Part 1. Until next time… Blessings of Pure Love, Magic, and Light!

Money & The Spiritual Journey

There’s a prevalent idea within the spiritual community that I have recently been contemplating. This idea is that in order to progress spiritually we must invest in ourselves, and typically, that investment means spending a lot of money (sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars) on a particular spiritual tool, course, or healing session.

Having been involved in spirituality in its loosest form for the past decade, I think it’s finally time to shed some light on this topic.

For instance, what is “investing in yourself”? What does that look like? And, if I don’t have the money to make that investment, will I be denied my full enlightenment? These are all excellent questions that this article will attempt to address.


Now, full disclosure: I am writing this amidst making serious changes in my financial life. Increasingly, I find that I want to budget more closely, which means that my b.s. meter has gone on high alert when it comes to the latest Ascension product or healing session that someone is trying to convince me to buy. (Of course, this is not just limited to the spiritual realm, though I am focusing on that here as this is a spiritually-focused blog.)

When it comes down to it, 100% of what is sold on the spiritual market be it activations, audios, courses, healing sessions, books, necklaces, crystals, or anything else are sold by marketers. That is, people sell these items to make a profit. I am not saying that this is wrong or bad. I believe that everyone deserves to be financially supported in this Universe and to get paid fairly for what they offer, especially if these tools are truly life-changing, as many spiritual tools are. However, when being a savvy spiritual shopper, it’s important to be conscious of the profit motive that is behind even the most tantalizing products. Yes, the item may help you. Yes, the person or group selling it may have a very real desire to help you create change in your life. However, they also want to make money and the way they make that money is through you.

Putting this into perspective, it behooves us to become aware that not everything on the spiritual market is as pure or high vibration as it is said to be. We all have the ability to ask our own heart, our own Spirit Team, and our Soul if the item is truly something we need for our Ascension before we pay for it… but this does take willingness, patience, and practice. Also, the spiritual journey is an individual one, and the very thing that your best friend swears changed her life may not be right for where you are right now on your path.

Again, I am in no way saying that energy healers, spiritual teachers, and other Lightworkers should always do work for free. Actually, I often choose to spend money in this area as I believe that sharing money with people who are truly working for the highest and best good of all will eventually heal our broken financial system. Imagine what our world would look like if we all consciously chose to spend money on products and experiences that were aligned with our Highest Self! This would totally shift the bulk of wealth away from people whose only motives for selling are greed and profit.

Originally, I believe this idea of investing in yourself through paying for spiritual products, came from an observation by healers and other teachers that most of us suffer from extreme lack of self-worth and low self-esteem. Unfortunately, we are often told that putting ourselves first is selfish and wrong, so it’s really no wonder that many of us have a hard time with self-love. When you’re running around caring for others, it’s easy to dismiss the voice of your own Soul inside that is begging to be heard.

“Go for a run,” it says. “Get some rest,” it says. “Skip the party and work on your novel.” Yet your reply is always the same. “I’ll do that later.” “My boss really needs me.” “If I don’t, I’ll disappoint them.” And on and on it goes.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, your spiritual teacher comes in and says, “Look at my awesome new program. It’s time you invested in yourself!” And you think, “Yeah! It is time, damn it! If not now, when?”

Now, if you’re like me and you’ve had a longstanding habit of not taking care of yourself and you truly feel that this course or book or crystal or whatever would truly benefit you, then yes, this may be a sign from your own Soul/Higher Self that it’s an opportunity for you to finally do that. It’s about being discerning and listening to our own guidance… which typically occurs well outside of the sales page.

As I mentioned, I am not new to the spiritual arena. I have been investing in myself (i.e. spending time and money) through courses, meditations, retreats, audios, healing sessions, books, and so much more for years. It’s only in the past months that I’ve realized that I am way more powerful than I’ve given myself credit for and that I don’t need to work with every single healer on the planet. These days, I am much more selective of where I choose to spend my energy — and that includes the energy of money.

If asked what investing in myself meant to me a couple years ago, my answer would have been very different. Today, this means making sure that my bills are paid, that I have food to eat, clothes I want to wear (not just the threadbare items that get me by), and the things that make my life and my household more pleasant. I, like so many others, am constantly unlearning the program that staying in poverty makes me a more spiritual person. It really has just dawned on me that continuing to make unnecessary purchases— even supposedly helpful spiritual purchases — when I have other financial responsibilities, is still continuing the lack cycle. Now when I see a healing tool or some other thing that truly resonates with me, I say, “Wow! I can’t wait to purchase this. I’m going to save up so I can do so responsibly.”

It may seem like I am being contradictory, but here’s the thing: For many of us, self-help and spirituality have become addictive. Instead of feeling like it’s something that we should do if it’s truly right, each purchase becomes a have-to, a must, or supposed to. It’s like consciously or subconsciously, those of us in the spiritual community are trying to buy our way into Heaven.

Unfortunately, being spiritual doesn’t exempt us from humanity’s mind games, particularly when it comes to money. At times I have noticed a sense of eliticism and the sadness of missing out when those with more money could easily buy the courses, personal sessions, or higher-end packages that I so wished I could afford. Feeling competitive, I would often settle for the audio or lower-priced option, and needless to say, these were often the things that I would use for a few days and then lose interest in. From this place, every purchase made wasn’t because it helped my Soul’s purpose, but because of the mistaken belief that I wouldn’t have access to my highest potential if I didn’t make a purchase.

TRUTH: My highest potential is already accessible if I would just stop and look.

TRUTH: Enlightenment is within me and IS me, so no one can take that away.

It’s time to call foul on marketers who claim that we can’t Ascend if we don’t buy their spiritual products. Simply put, this is a lie. Their product may make my spiritual journey easier or more accelerated, but in the end, it should be my Soul that guides rather than testimonials on a sales page.

As always, my message is to not give your power away to anyone or anything outside of you, regardless of whether it carries the label of spiritual or not. When it’s time to go to the next level to take that course, to get that spiritual tool, or whatever it is — we know inside our hearts, and more often than not, the money comes in to support that.

Love yourself. Trust yourself. And know that even the best spiritual tool is nothing compared to the amazing power that already lies within.

Until next time … May you be blessed with Pure Love & Light beyond your wildest dreams! Contemplate it. Activate it. From inside of you. You already have all that you need.

Merging, Purging, and Integration

I was planning on starting my Conversations with Merlin series today. Instead, I feel like relaxing and integrating energy, so stay tuned for channeled messages from Ascended Master Merlin in upcoming weeks. 🙂

As an update, my Ascension journey continues to be more blissful, wild, and magical than ever. I’m currently looking outside my window as the sky pours down buckets of snow, yet I not only see the light gray of the sky, but pink, orange, and rainbow colors, too! Looking at the snow on my deck, snow that should be still when not affected by wind, appears wavy and psychedelic. Even amidst the fierceness of the storm, I can’t help but feel a sense of peace.

Before you start making assumptions… no, I am not taking any drugs or alcohol into my system. However, I consciously set powerful intentions for this month including *seeing* NEW Earth energies and more fully opening/embracing my psychic abilities, so none of this should come as a surprise.

I know others who have had similar experiences along their Ascension journey, which is explained scientifically as the brain secreting hormones such as melatonin and DMT when consciousness expands. (You can read more about that here.) Still, nothing can quite prepare you for the strangeness when this actually occurs.

Explorer of Consciousness that I AM, instead of being freaked out, I choose to see it all as Magic, Light, and Love showing up in my physical reality as I continually expand my perception of what is possible. I also take it as a sign that I AM Ascending into NEW Earth, which means opening myself up to new ways of existing while also leaving behind old illusions, fears, trauma, and limiting beliefs.

Today, I leave you with this Divine Energy/Reiki-infused photo. Take a few moments to embrace this powerful energy in whatever way is right for you. It seems obvious, but I feel guided to mention that you can print this out if you wish, so someone may need to hear that today. (I’m waaay beyond the point of questioning my inner guidance, so there you go!)

Until next time… Love, Light, and Many Blessings!






Why Love Matters

Happy February!!!

The more I continue my Ascension journey, the more weird time gets. In the past I had experienced time moving very quickly — so fast that I could barely remember days or months going by. Of course, part of this is collective consciousness, as from a young age I was told by my elders that “years fly by,” “honor your youth while you have it,” “time flies when you’re having fun,” and all that sort of nonsense. I know now that none of that has to be true. It’s clear I’m Ascending and experiencing new dimensions because much of what I’ve been told no longer applies or even makes sense.

In contrast, time in January moved extra slow. I kept trying to move ahead on projects and goals, but I kept being pushed back and being shown all of the places where I was still resisting my flow. Sooo many situations came up where I felt like I was being forced to stop and fully acknowledge whatever was going on in my mind and in my heart before being allowed to move on to the next stage. Even when the energy was intense, the more I sat with it, the more it became clear that the situations, relationships, and everything going chaotic was simply resistance that needed to go. Of course, it’s always so much easier to see that looking back! However, I have started to appreciate those great teaching moments from my Higher Self to assist me in reacting more slowly and in honoring my feelings.

(A quick note because it needs to be said: I do not believe that we are here on Earth to learn lessons. Life is not a test for which we pass or fail. I use the term “teaching moments” because it can be very helpful to examine exactly what is occurring or has occurred in my life so that I can make new, informed decisions moving forward that are more in alignment with my Higher Self. However, it’s a choice. In a different state of consciousness which I am constantly in the process of becoming I could have chosen to receive that knowledge gracefully and in joy without needing the resistance to show me. It’s a process and I do know I will get there soon.)

Now that February is here, for many of us, the focus is on Love. Valentine’s Day on the 14th, romantic love, and friendships all get a spotlight. Between the media and social expectations, we are often shown that the Love we want is always out there instead of within. Not only that, but the incessant need to focus on Love, Love, Love often having it thrown in our faces in a commercial, artificial sort of way creates a kind of desensitvity to the True meaning of Love itself. What good is Love, when we attach the word as quickly to a new smartphone as we do to our boyfriend or to our clothes? (And often, in reality, deflecting love for ourselves to other people or things because that’s easier.)

With all this Love in the air, I’d like to examine *why* Love Matters. It’s not for the chocolates, gifts, and flowers (though those can be nice). It’s not even about being in a romantic relationship or having a Soul Mate. Individually, Globally, and for the Soul I wanted to sit with my Angels and Guides and bring forth a message on…

What Is Love, Really?


For those of you who are unfamiliar with me, when I say that I asked my Angels and Guides, I literally mean that. I called forth the Angels and Ascended Masters with whom I AM connected. I asked for my own Soul and Higher Self to bring forth a message.

And they said…

Love is inside. It is your own guidance leading you and telling you when you are in and out of alignment. Love is not bashful. There is never too much or not enough. Love is all there is and we don’t say this in a clichéd sort of way. Listen and hear this clearly:

Love *Really* Is All There Is

On the other side of hatred… is Love.

On the side of anger… is Love.

On the side of fear… is Love.

There is only Love.

The question is, Why, as humans, do you not see it?

Well, the reason is simply that you are not looking for it. You are searching for Love everywhere but in yourselves. You see confusion and turmoil in your world and you come to “realize” (think) that that’s all there is. When in Truth, if you would stop for a moment and sit with the feelings (which means paying attention) you would know that Love is moving within, through, and around every thing, including that which you see outside.

The thing of it is, until you choose to go inside, you have no way of accessing this Truth (which some of you will call the 5th dimension where only Love exists) because you are not focused there.

So, to answer your question, Love is YOU.

YOU = Your Own Universe, which essentially means, Your Own Heart.

Love is accessible on your planet everywhere there is sun. Even when the sun does not appear, you do not doubt its existence. Why, then, do you doubt the existence of Love even when it seems to disappear for a short while?

No, we say True-ly when we speak that Love IS all there is. To YOU. To Your Planet. To Your World. To Your One-Way Personal Crises to which you cannot see your way out, to which it seems that no solution appears.

There is only, and ever has been, Eternal Love. It does not fade or disappear.

But, you have to choose it. You have to align with it. You must *choose* to look for it. Not “out there” when this person is saying what you want, doing what you want… When you have your “dream” job or the right income… Not even when you in your judgment and opinion are doing the “right” things, eating the right foods, choosing to meditate, exercise, and do all of the things that you are taught that you are supposed to do (though we know that many of those things are, in fact, good for you we are simply saying to use your judgment instead of listening to another).

Instead, Love IS your Truth.

Embrace it. Honor it. Honoring YOU is Love.

Set clear boundaries. Say “no” sometimes. Say “yes” when you are afraid to, too.

Love is not the sacred mystery that you all make it out to be. It’s also not the perfect “one” out there who “completes” you. Love is YOU.

Do not be fearful. Do not be sad when we say that YOU are all you have. Because YOU are everything. YOU are the Universe. And wherever you are (or are not) in alignment, Love (or lack) will show you.

This month of February, embrace your heart. For it is the seat where Love is planted within the physical and etheric bodies. Love yourselves. Love your life. Love your situations. Love your planet. Love your world. And see that Love reflected back to you more and more as you do.

To affect global change… That is *why* Love matters. It’s all you came here to do.

End Channeling

Well, you heard it directly. Love yourself! That’s the way  (the only way) all will come back into alignment. This is a great awareness for me, too, as every time I sit to write a new blog post so much comes through me that I need to hear, as well as share.

A special “Thank You” to my Angelic Team and Ascended Masters for bringing this message through with such Grace and Clarity. My fingers were literally flying off the keyboard trying to keep up. That’s when you know it’s good. 🙂

I love you. Until next time… Blessings of pure Love and Light!

What’s Next? (Moving Into 5D & Ascension)

Hello, dear readers! First of all, I’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to all of you who posted such beautiful comments in response to last week’s blog. Each of you has reminded me why I continue to share my writing and my experiences here. Thank you much!

Today, I want to share something that I don’t talk about often. I actually haven’t shared this on this blog… ever. I think part of the reason was needing to understand for myself more of what has been going on. Also, I fully admit that what I’m about to share is totally in the realm of “out there,” and “woo woo,” to the max. However, in keeping with my theme of Truth and Action this year (funny… my life IS really all about that more and more!), y’all deserve to know what’s up.


I have been in various degrees of spirituality and integration of higher vibrations ever since learning about energy healing in 2009. Last year, through having sessions and daily activations with April Olas, I started to notice that my psychic abilities — in particular, my ability to feel energy — began to blossom in a big way. Most notably, I observed that when I listened to her energy-encoded mp3s or participated in her daily energy transmissions, my crown (top of head) started tingling.

Fast forward a few months when I began work with Erica Rock* and I became activated even more. In particular, in the months leading up to my Grace Blessings Retreat with Erica this August, as well as receiving (almost) daily energy transmissions from her, my crown and now the top of my left foot (!) is in a near constant state of tingling and fire.

In the midst of all this, I also began to work with Andara — extremely high vibration crystals which bring forth new energies and activations for me daily. In particular, I like to sleep with these crystals under my pillow and boy, do they bring forth some wild dreams! Yet, I am now at a point where I enjoy the dreams and wake up feeling refreshed. (This was not always the case in the beginning, as it takes awhile to adjust to the high energy of these. Andara are totally unlike the crystals that many New Age/spiritual/metaphysical folks have been working with and I will probably write about these magnificent beings in a separate post sometime.)

The reason I am mentioning all of this is because I hear so many talk about Ascension symptoms, integration of energy, and light portals. I also share so that what I’m about to say is put into the proper context, meaning: I did not just wake up one day with all of these strange sensations. It was, and continues to be, a process.

After a closer examination of what the heck happened last week, I realized that as we went through the 1:22 portal, my rage was bringing forth a lot of deeper “stuff” which spanned more than just the topic at hand. Clearly, to move on to my next phase, I needed to take a step back in order to observe and to move past these illusions of self-doubt, angst, betrayal, and more.  Coming out on the other side, I now feel like a new person. I feel energized, fully alive, and frankly, kind of like I stuck my finger in a light socket!

While there is part of me that has stopped trying to logically figure out the exact meaning behind these experiences, I know that it’s not often that I write at 8 pm feeling like the top of my head is on fire and words pouring out of me like a faucet, so somebody somewhere needs to hear this message — possibly another aspect of myself who is still trying to prove that all of this stuff if real. 🙂

I have come to accept that the crown tingling, heat running through my body, need to sleep A LOT now, and all of the various stages of emotion that I go through as all of this happens, is part of  my Ascension journey… at least for now. It’s actually exciting as I feel like I am now receiving new energies from within, manifesting outwards.

A quick aside: When I refer to Ascension, I am referring to the physical and energetic journey from a 3d (physical, material, “see it before I believe it,” struggle, duality, lack, fear, etc.) world into a higher dimension. Most people who study New Age spirituality call this higher dimension 5d, though it is generally understood that other dimensions exist beyond the fifth. Another common term used for 5d is Heaven on Earth. As opposed to the third dimension, this is a place of magic, mystery, and where the original Divine blueprint is restored (before the actual or metaphoric “fall from grace” referred to in the Biblical Garden of Eden story). In 5d, everything that we experienced in 3d gets turned upside down. Manifestations happen super fast and there can be a sense of inner peace/stillness as well as an increased focus on unity and being in service. (I didn’t make this up. A lot of this language comes from Lisa Transcendence Brown, April Olas, Erica Rock, and others… far too many sources to remember or name.)

Back to my story, I wanted to share my particular version of Ascension as a lot of times, people go through the spiritual journey feeling alone. For myself, I’ve had to fight the belief that I’m the only one with these odd sensations as for the most part, the people I encounter on a daily basis aren’t into spiritual stuff and don’t really understand most of what I’m experiencing.

Now, I do want to mention that we are all different. As such, your spiritual journey will probably look and feel unique from mine. Part of the reason behind these differences is because we all have various triggers and “stuff” to work through to reach our experience of Heaven on Earth. I’ve come to believe that a lot of my spiritual work has to do with rewiring my brain — getting rid of all of the self-doubt, limitations, fear, and junk that I’ve accumulated over the years — and replacing those with Truth, Love, Light, self-empowerment, and Joy. I take the energy in my crown as a sign that I am increasingly moving into my Higher Self/Divine aspect, releasing a lot of what was holding me back while living in 3d. While at first I was scared, now I embrace the “happy tingles” as I call them, as well as all of the emotions that come up as I am working through and moving beyond each life situation that presents itself.

Really, I think that’s the point. Last year I would have said “onwards and upwards,” but I am beginning to understand that my spiritual journey is more about moving inwards and upwards — expanding through increased self-awareness and simply letting go of what’s no longer working or in alignment.

There’s always more to learn, but overall, I am excited that things that used to take me years to integrate, understand, and to move beyond, are now done in a much shorter space of time. We are in some fast, high vibrational times and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Until next week, I am sending you Love, Joy, and Light!


*My link in this article for Erica Rock is an affiliate link. This is a great resource to learn about Grace Blessings and to receive the latest Ascension tools to keep your vibration UP.  Your purchase here supports me in continuing to be of service to you, and to all who visit this site.





Relationships: The Cause of Suffering?

As many of us still reel from the intensity of 2016, nowhere is this more true than in our relationships. The holidays brought new awareness of issues — some of which were things we had previously shoved aside or tried not to look at for many years. For those willing to step up in their own personal growth, deep forgiveness, awareness, empowerment, Truth, and strong boundary-setting occurred.

In my own life, I experienced these radical shifts with my family but more so, with my husband. I have come to know that the two of us have been together through other lifetimes and as such, our Souls contracted to reincarnate and join so that we could continue our evolution in the Here and Now.


One thing I notice in most of the spiritual groups I am involved in, is that the groups tend to be overwhelming female. It is only in the last year or so that more men have showed up in their Divine Masculine (which is very different from human masculine energy) to join us women on the spiritual path. It’s refreshing as I feel that any sort of imbalance — regardless of the perceived safety of mostly being with other women — is ultimately limiting and damaging to the whole.

Back to my own relationship, the issues that came forth that I personally needed to look at brought us to the brink of separation. I needed to take full responsibility for often ignoring my marriage in favor of going to meditate or hanging out on Facebook groups with people who I felt understood/understand me better than my husband… simply because they are on my spiritual path. The intensity was such that it felt like my husband and I were speaking different languages, which as we vibrate at different levels and see life through our individual filters, does make sense.

Admittedly, it’s so easy to compare myself and my relationship to those who have found their “divine beloved” partner. Both of my spiritual teachers are in fantastic relationships with men who share their spiritual path and I admit to feeling envious. That is, until I examine why their relationships are triggering me.

Looking at my marriage with new eyes, I “see” that my suffering has been because of comparison, thinking that my relationships should look like theirs. I’ve suffered, too, because of the “if only he would…” syndrome. For instance, “If only he would listen to this speaker with me, I know he’d finally understand me.” Or, “If only he would be more open-minded we could both be happy.”

The problem with this line of thinking is that it is a means of trying to control and manipulate the other person. Just as it is wrong for one to persecute another for their beliefs, it is equally unjust for me to criticize him for lack of belief. This attitude leaves no room for his own free will decisions as I think I know what’s best for his evolution more than his own Soul does.

In the past days and weeks, I’ve really had to be Truthful about what I want and need in my marriage. For one thing, I’ve needed to speak up and call him out when he became pushy or started mocking my beliefs. I also needed to tell him when I was going to meditate and just need some space vs. simply going away to another part of the house without warning. Now, instead of ignoring his genuine questions about my path, I have attempted to answer them as fully and honestly as I can. As I take these considerations in mind — and as always, pray and meditate with my Angels — I notice that his attitude has slowly shifted into one of consideration for my needs, Truth about what he wants from our relationship, and more love.

How did this happen? Because I choose to meet the challenge as required instead of running away from my very real feelings and emotions. I also choose to respect and accept that he may never be on the spiritual path as fully as I am, while at the same time, giving him the space to join me if he wishes.

Admittedly, it is hard to let go of this “need” for my partner to live life exactly the way I choose to. After all, I love him and I want him to experience the bliss and magic that connection to Pure Source provides. However, every Soul has a choice. It is up to each one to Awaken and to experience this for themselves and no amount of forcing or cajoling can change that. I am, and my relationship is, a work in progress but we agree that it is still one worth the effort. I have also accepted that marriage is not a fairy tale. All relationships have cycles and we may not be meant to be together “forever.” However, as long as it still feels good and mutually healthy for both of us, that’s all that matters. A regular review and honesty about our relationship is required to determine this.

In the meantime, I continue to look to outside friends who share my path for support and discussion in a way that my husband is not able to provide. Yet another lesson for me, too, has been to release my dependency on having my partner provide everything for me… knowing that I can use all of my resources as well as my Higher Self for support when needed.

This new attitude of Openness continues to surprise me as even within the past two weeks I notice that he has been less judgmental about my spiritual practices and more open to discussion. Of course, while I’d like to take all of the credit, he has done a tremendous job of self-awareness and has committed to working on our relationship as well. I also credit my daily Forgiveness prayers, my Spirit Team (Angels, Ascended Masters, and Teachers here) and my Andara for continuing to give me access to new energies that assist my heart opening.

My themes for 2017 are Truth and Action. Within my relationship, this means, 1) Release assumptions. 2) Be Truthful — no more hiding my spiritual practices because I fear being judged as “crazy” or “weird” for being myself. 3) Remain Open to change.

Blessings to you and to all of our relationships. And as always, much Love!


Fun! A Summary of Abraham Teachings

I’d heard about Abraham Hicks before, but over the past month, I’ve really been absorbed. I watch their YouTube videos almost non-stop. Then I bought their meditation app  (really a book with audios, called Getting into the Vortex — It’s very good, by the way). And I listen to Abraham while I work.

Looking back, after my “revelation” in February … which felt more like a remembering that I should try channeling, it now makes perfect sense that I would be attracted to Abraham whose wisdom is channeled with such precision and clarity by Esther Hicks.

In one inspired moment, I drafted a summary of what I think are the essential teachings of Abraham. I feel they are so valuable because these words cover nearly every topic on the planet. They are spoken with love, clarity, and most importantly, they just really resonate.

Please note, I take no credit for this. These words are a summary (my interpretation) of the teachings of Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks.


So, without further ado, I present:

Fun! A Summary of Abraham Teachings

1 Be easy. Meditation helps with this. It’s a great way to start your day.

2 Be happy.  It only takes  16 seconds to switch your thoughts and start the momentum towards a new vibration. No matter who is around you or what you’re doing, choose happy! Eventually, this high vibration will be so practiced that you can go anywhere, do anything, and be with anyone and it simply won’t bother you. But until then, it’s okay to ignore your problems. In fact, the more you chill out, the more likely it is that the solution and new conditions will appear, as if by magic (but really, that’s just the Law of Attraction).

3 Appreciate everything. Even the contrast launches “rockets of desire” and spurs you towards what you want. Bless those who don’t understand or who you perceive as making your life difficult, as they are helping you on your journey.

It’s not your job to change anyone or anything outside of you. Just stop focusing on it and instead, focus on what IS working, what IS going well. The more you do, the more you attract those better conditions towards you – but really, nothing outside will have changed. Instead, it is your focus that changes your point of attraction.

4 Forget about reality and what is. Start telling a new story… about your career, your health, your finances, relationships, your sex life, your weight, or whatever it is that you are trying to improve. Write it down and think of the new story often. Look for the evidence, the ways it is already showing up. Daydream, imagine, be joyful, and stay focused on what you want.

5 Feel the feeling of what you want as if it’s already occurred. If there’s too much resistance, just drop the subject. Let yourself off the hook. You only have to think about what you want when it feels good… and the real secret is, you don’t have to think about it at all in order for it and more like it, to show up.YOU JUST HAVE TO FEEL GOOD. Eventually, you won’t be able to stop the positivity from flowing. That’s momentum.

6 Chill out. Repeat often, “Everything always works out for me.” Then chill out some more.  It’s not up to you to “make” anything happen. Your job is simply to get in alignment (by feeling good) and then, just allow.

Taking massive action is the old way of doing things. But the gift is in feeling good now, letting yourself feel good and stay there as much as you can, staying focused on what you want (by arguing for your unlimited potential more than your limitations) and then, watch as the Universe lines everything up for you. When it feels right — and not before — then take inspired action.

Admittedly, this one can be tricky, because even some Law of Attraction teachers coach that you’ve got to get out your Vision Board and write affirmations 10 times every day or take some sort of massive action that makes your manifestation occur. The truth is, Source/your Inner Being already knows all is well. Source only sees the solution and it exists now if you would only allow it! But not through force.

Why? Because “forcing” things into being sends out a powerful signal to the Universe that you don’t already have it… that you’re fearful it won’t show up… and that propels more of that same energy. Do nothing except monitor your thoughts and choose to feel good and watch as life comes into balance.

7 Watch the manifestation show up. As you simply let go of trying to make it happen and keep your thoughts focused on feeling good, you’ll be amazed at how soon things will start showing up. But, try to feel good just for the sake of feeling good rather than in order to manifest more money or a better relationship, etc.

Don’t fall into the trap of keeping score by noticing what hasn’t shown up, but rather, stay in the energy of positive expectation and excitement. The Universe already knows everything you desire. It’s already cued up for you. The question is, will you allow it?

Feel good because it feels good to feel good. And watch how the feeling good naturally brings more into your experience to feel good about. Then, as you notice what comes and you appreciate it, more good shows up. The secret is, there’s no secret. It’s just how the Universe works.


What should I do when I can’t feel good? What about this bill I need to pay or my boss who is demanding, or…, or…, or…

Here’s what to do:

Take a deep breath. Realize that no matter what is happening, only you can choose how you think about it. You may not be able to change the circumstance right now in this minute, but you can always choose how you feel. That’s true freedom.

Many people make the mistake of waiting for outside conditions to improve before they feel better. The truth is, you must choose to feel better and then (only then) will different conditions show up and line up for you. So, again, relax. Rest easy.

Some affirmations that help:

  • Things are always working out for me.
  • This thing that I don’t want is showing me what I do want, and as such, the Universe must be bringing that to me.
  • This is a temporary manifestation.
  • I get to choose my thoughts and I’m moving towards something better.
  • I can’t wait to see what shows up next!

If you still feel resistant and find yourself going, “Yeah, but…” then it may be necessary to choose a different subject to think about entirely – something neutral that you have no charge about… like feathers, or the sky, or birds. Think about that topic for awhile. At the same time, bless the topic you’ve been struggling against, as the “reality” is, it is that struggle which shows you what you don’t want so you can know what you do want and begin going in a new direction. And so, there is always value, even in the struggle.

Then, from that higher awareness and feeling of appreciation, go back and pay the bill or have the conversation or whatever it is. Notice how it will feel different to you. Again, it is not the condition that will have changed, but the point from which you view it. And that makes all the difference.

Want more Abraham? Visit

They also have an excellent YouTube page:






Where Have You Been?

Phew! Happy 2016!!! We made it! (Okay, I’m done with the exclamation points… promise.)

A good indication that I haven’t written for awhile? I had to check my email to remember the name of this blog. (Yikes.)

During my 6-month blogging hiatus, I dove right into copywriting. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll realize that this was pretty much my dream job. And there’s great news… I’m still loving it. I did, however, realize that copywriting isn’t the end for me.

Back in September, I figured that I had everything figured out. I’d start copywriting, learn the tricks of the trade, and be on my way to a six-figure income before you could say, “moolah.” Trouble is, I forgot the one thing that ALL of the spiritual gurus, ALL of my internal guides, and ALL of my intuition says — the point of life is joy and expansion.

There’s a tricky thing that happens when all of a sudden we get the good stuff… We want more good stuff. Also, we start seeing the not so good things that we hadn’t counted on when we first manifested the thing we wanted. (Actually, that doesn’t have to happen if we’re truly aligned with a positive vibe as we’re manifesting, but I digress…)All of which is to say that copywriting is a great place for me while I’m manifesting my next quantum leap.

And what is that great leap? Nope, I’m not going to do the “I dunno,” cop out. I’m going to tell the truth, as weird and as crazy as it sounds. But hey, if you’re reading this blog, you either really like and respect me despite my “woo woo” tendencies and/or you already “get” this stuff on some level so you probably won’t judge.

Okay, deep breath. During my break from personal writing, I’ve been getting a strong impulse to channel a book. Now, for those of you unfamiliar, channeling is basically a state of communication between you and another entity/being(s). These days, there are tons of books on channeling (the Orin and Daben books are very helpful if you’re interested). Unlike the very scary and weird rituals of the past, there’s no need to go into a deep trance, say any spells, or take a potion for it to work. In fact, when I channel, it feels joyful, loving, and expansive – like an extension of me.

So, I’ve been playing the field, getting to know my spirit guides and seeing what we can do. I haven’t officially started the book as all of this is still new for me, but it’s very exciting. I feel like I’m finally beginning to “get” that my life purpose doesn’t really have to do with a job. Writing, yes. But it’s more about deciding who I want to be and creating from that vibration. And I have to say, any time I talk to my guides they just keep telling me to relax and have fun. As they say, “Humanity is really stressed out. The purpose of life is to enjoy it! If it feels good, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t.” I think I’m finally starting to understand that.

Another cool thing that’s happened is that I’ve linked to April Olas. April talks about the quantum field A LOT because she plays and does energy work from there. The quantum field is truly the field of limitless possibilities. It’s a pretty fun place to be. I encourage you to check out her telesummits and offers:

No, I’m not getting paid for referrals. And yes, this work is totally life-changing.

Until we meet again… HAVE FUN!!!


Are Spiritual Experiences Real?

Channeling. Astral travel. Angelic healing. Miraculous cures by prayer.

What do these things have in common?

They are all considered spiritual experiences.


Today’s spirituality is a catch-all phrase for any sort of experience with the divine. I’ve seen it used as a marketing tool for self-help books; a way to lure money from desperate people. I’ve also experienced spirituality as a means of self-reflection; a reminder of God as the thread between everything.

The other day, I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. Having grown up Catholic, but not particularly religious, there was always a question mark for her when it came to God. So it was a surprise to me to hear that she’d had a spiritual experience – complete with physical sensations of warmth and an overwhelming feeling of openness and forgiveness in her heart. Since then, her relationship with God has changed and her faith has increased.

For months before this, my friend struggled both personally and professionally. I guess her cry for help was finally answered, since her life has done a complete 180.

Where before, she was struggling to find a place to rent, she is moving into a new place in precisely the town she wanted to live in. Where she was experiencing financial difficulty, employment is on the way. Where she was struggling in her marriage, her relationship has been restored.

In this age of science and skepticism, it’s easy to dismiss this as coincidence or imagination. However, I’m a firm believer that “the proof is in the pudding.” If my friend truly feels better and sees obstacles removed in her life, I’d say she’s got something working for her. The fact that she claims the Holy Spirit entered her seems unbelievable. Yet, just listening to her talk, I couldn’t help but feel moved and excited about her experience.

After our discussion, I had to ask myself, “Are spiritual experiences real?” If so, how do we define what is – and isn’t – a spiritual experience?

I’m going to go old skool for a minute and give us the dictionary definition of spiritual. According to Merriam-Webster, “spiritual is of, or relating to, a person’s spirit.” Synonyms include: non-physical, ethereal, formless, and immaterial.

What all of this says to me, is that a spiritual experience is, by its’ very nature, not of the physical. It is the moments we find hard to define or that seem incredible, that most often signal communication with God.

Here are some examples of spiritual experiences I have seen, felt, or read about:

  • I have been to a church where every Sunday, a group of women would get up and start speaking in what sounded to me like gibberish. These women believed that the Holy Spirit was speaking through them in a language that could not be understood, but had to be felt.
  • After a weekend retreat focused on deep meditation, I took a nature walk and felt completely filled with love and gratitude. I remember my eyes filling with tears and feeling completely in harmony with the Universe.
  • I’ve read reports of yogis describing heavy pressure and heat moving up and down the spine following intense periods of fasting, yoga, and meditation. Referred to as Kundalini, when awakened, this powerful energy has a profound effect on a person’s spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.
  • The author Neale Donald Walsh, says his book and subsequent series, Conversations with God, was a result of channeled writing. According to Walsh, “…my hand remained poised over the paper, as if held there by some invisible force. Abruptly, the pen began moving on its’ own.” Dr. Helen Schucman said the same thing about her book, A Course in Miracles.

I could go on, but the point is this. Although each of these experiences is considered spiritual, they all differ in scope, medium, and intensity. As for the main question of this post, Are these experiences real? Well, that remains up for interpretation.

The fact is, whatever feels true for YOU is real. We often spend so much time searching for facts and judging our experiences, that we forget to just savor the moment. Be it in a moment in nature, during a healing session, or intense meditation, anything that feels like God IS God.

In closing, I leave you with this message which came through my inbox as I was writing this article. (Courtesy of Lisa Beachy’s Daily Angel Card emails, which you can subscribe to here by joining her email list.*)

Many of you pass around the word “spirituality” without really knowing what it is that you are searching for. Sometimes this leaves you sad or more confused than when you started the journey of looking for love, peace, forgiveness, or “enlightenment.” 

In its’ simplest answer, spirituality is striving to know God. Stop searching and just be. God has created you. You are the Creator’s child. Therefore, God is always with you. 

Would a good parent leave their child alone in a crowd?

Stop searching. Stay still. Breathe deeply to relax. 

Then look around you to feel God’s love within you. 

See God’s beauty around you.

Keep it simple.

You cannot overthink love, or you will think it away. It is about FEELING the love of God within your heart to know that God is there, taking your hand and joining you on the path, as any good parent would.

*Jan. 2017 Update: Lisa is no longer offering her daily Angel card readings, but you can still receiving free readings by visiting my Inspiration page here.

Proof That The Law of Attraction Really Works

If you’ve spent more than one minute on this site, you’ll know that one of my favorite personal development topics is the Law of Attraction. While it’s true that you can’t just wish and hope things into reality, I absolutely believe that persistent positive thoughts + right action = results. That is, it’s not enough to say a positive statement once. It’s also not enough to take chaotic action and just hope that something works. However, when “guided” (that is, you get a gut feeling that you should take action), and you do something about that guidance, that’s what I call being in the miracle zone.

A few months back, I wrote about the power of using afformations vs. affirmations. It turns out that one letter really does make a difference. Afformations start with a “Why” statement, so “I am rich” becomes “Why am I so rich?” Our brains are wired to answer questions, and it’s been proven that while manifesting, results are better when we approach affirmations this way, rather than blindly repeating statements.

At the time I wrote my afformations article, I was consciously setting an intention to get paid to learn copywriting. However, like most people who try using the Law of Attraction, I experienced many phases between my initial thought and my final manifestation. Not all of these phases were pretty, but one of my goals in writing this blog is to be real. So, unlike many Law of Attraction stories out there, I’m not going to gloss over anything, as I think it’s helpful to share my true experience. Also, I’m pretty sure that the way I went about manifesting my dream job is way more common that what all of the Law of Attraction books will try to tell you.

So, without further ado, this is (exactly) how I manifested my dream job:

Stage One: At first, I was obsessed with saying my afformations. I’d say them in the morning, before bed, in the car, in the shower, and multiple times per day. I’d also write them and listen to a recording I made of myself saying them. All of my afformations had to do with being happy at work, being paid to learn copywriting, and being grateful for my job. At the same time, I put in the legwork by spending hours looking at job postings, writing cover letters, and applying for positions.

Stage Two: After all of this work and no results, I experienced a mixture of anger, frustration, and depression. I went through being pissed off enough to stop looking for jobs and to stop saying and writing my afformations.

Stage Three: This, folks, is when the magic happened. I began to accept where I was in my career and that maybe it just wasn’t time for me to land a copywriting gig. At the same time, I moved from an apartment into a house, so my focus and energy shifted.  I can’t say that it was a conscious decision – after all, I was mostly just pissed off and tired of the job search. However, it was during this phase that I was finally able to let go and let the Law of Attraction work the way it is meant to.

Letting go is what I consider to be the hardest part of manifestation. I know when I want something, I want it yesterday, which is the exact opposite of being all zen and simply allowing it into my life. Why is this hard? Because in order to let more good into my life, I have to be willing to just forget it all and be okay with it not happening. Letting go paved the way for me to enter the next phase.

Stage Four: Eventually, I began to trust that the right opportunity would appear at the right time, and you know what? That’s exactly what happened. After weeks of not looking for jobs online, on a whim, I decided to look at Craigslist for writing jobs, and that’s when I saw the perfect internship. I spent one day mulling it over, but I knew that if I wanted this position, I’d have to act fast.

Now, it’s true that if I wasn’t truly qualified for this position, I wouldn’t have gotten it. It’s also true that I did my due diligence – that is to say, I researched the company I was applying for, I wrote a thoughtful cover letter, and I was sure to do all of the things you’re supposed to do when applying and interviewing for a job.

After the interview, I had more time to practice letting go. I prayed for help from my angels and guides, knowing that if this was meant for me, I would land the job. If not, something even better would show up. In the meantime, I was totally confident and in my mind, I already had the job. I also decided to only share the fact that I had interviewed with a few people who I knew would be 100% supportive. During this fragile manifestation stage, I didn’t want anything to get in the way of my positive vibes.

I am thrilled to say that I am starting my copywriting internship (yes, a paid internship) next month that is totally aligned with my passion and skills. I’m super excited and I can’t wait to see what else the Universe has in store for me. If nothing else, manifesting something so amazing really made me realize that the Universe can work in my favor. The key, as always, is allowing it.

I hope this post inspires you to go after your dreams. As always, I’d love to hear from you. Share your manifestation stories in the comments: the good, the bad, the triumphant. I’m all ears.