The Opposite Of Fear Is Love

As I continue to rise in vibration I am seeing things way more clearly. Today, I was invited to join a Facebook group centered around joining together as Lightworkers/Lightkeepers and healers to send love and positive messages to specific government leaders, with the premise being that no one should be left behind or left out of NEW Earth.

While I can stand behind sending love to all people and situations, including our government, I was also aware that not everyone chose to come to this planet to experience NEW Earth. For some, their mission is to play out duality… perpetuate fear… keep hatred going, so that others would finally come out of their slumber and Awaken.

There are no mistakes and Divine perfection is everywhere, even in the seeming chaos and disorder. The people who are so triggering are here to assist in the dismantling of our old programs and the entire 3D/4D matrix until humanity no longer needs fear, suffering, and duality to remember who we are.

Coming out of a 5-day silent retreat, I feel a newfound sense that everything is in Divine Order. Even the things I intended for the retreat I know have already occurred and will happen in this reality within Divine time.

I also know that regardless of what humanity decides to do/not do Mother Gaia is going to be fine as she is already sitting in the higher vibrational realms. It’s not my job to save her or anyone else. My job is to simply hold the Light, BE/Embody the Light, and to share with those who are ready.

I chose years ago to stop watching TV and to unplug from the news. I know that the work I am doing on the inside IS causing a ripple in my outer world, in ways big and small. I can also feel the support from the Celestial Realms and the Love from our Galactic brothers and sisters who are constantly filling our Earth with higher vibrations as we are ready.

There’s nothing to fear. We are not alone and we are loved. We ARE Love.




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