Feeling Free/Going (Deeper) Within


Every year, July 4th in the US brings forth a celebration of freedom, independence, and the enjoyment of Summer. Regardless of where you may be in the world, this year’s energies felt like a rush of movement towards being our TRUE SELF, accepting the gift of Freedom, and the Joy & Love that comes with that.

It’s perfect Divine synchronicity that on a personal level, I had just separated from my husband and moved into a new place where I can be more of who I AM, without judgment, fear, expectation, and lower energies getting in the way.

That’s not to say that there isn’t still a massive feeling of heartbreak and emotions that still need to be resolved, but my conscious awareness that I AM moving further into my I AM Presence and fully embracing my Soul’s purpose feels like a gift. It’s also a chance for me to move into Abundance consciousness, receive more, allow myself to be supported by the Divine, and to open myself to new opportunities.

Scary? Yes. Exciting? Definitely!

At the same time, I continue to move closer towards the end of a year-long journey, culminating in a 5-day silent retreat in August and initiation to become a Grace Blessings Giver. My whole body, mind, and spirit have been preparing for this. I believe this is the reason my Soul guided me to move to Maine. I also have no doubt that leaving my relationship is part of the purging and cleansing process, helping me to make way for the Divine to fully shine in my life so that I can be the powerful healer that I know I AM meant to be.

On a physical level, crown tingling is my most common symptom. I seem to be coming out of my need to sleep in every day, and it’s only just occurred to me how often I put myself to sleep or went out of body because I didn’t like dealing with the energy and projections that were placed on me in my relationship. Now that I am out of that environment, it makes sense that my energy is starting to come back.

I also continue to go further within, stepping way back from all of the teachings and spiritual programs that I was a part of before. At the same time, I am gravitating more to those that continue to support my journey within, including spending more time in nature and continuing to explore and sleep with Andara crystals at night.

It also feels like more Divine Mother energy is coming in. The other day my belly was so expanded that all I could think was that I am in the process of birthing something. Yet, that too, has now integrated and I feel like I am starting to lose weight.

I can feel a potent and powerful process starting for me. I’m excited for my retreat and for the possibilities, yet I am also coming to life with a state of allowing the Divine to do what it will with me. I am here to listen and receive. In this state of emptiness, I accept the gifts that are even greater than what my mind would allow. While much of my journey continues to not fit into the everyday human experience, I continue to give thanks and appreciate that my Soul chose this.

It will be interesting to see what changes happen in my physical world. Abundance. Health. Friendship with the Divine. Love. NEW Earth. It all starts now.

Until next time…

Much LOVE and many BLESSINGS!



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