Clearing Old Realities


Yesterday was a day of massively clearing old timelines. The point of this is to consciously, with full awareness, release the old energies and allow new, awesome, and amazing in all aspects of my life. Normally, I set timeline clearing as something I work on in the dream state, yet for some reason, my Soul wanted me to experience conscious, awake timeline clearing. This all occurred within a space of 8 hours during my work day.

It all started when I ran into an old high school classmate whose name I couldn’t remember until she left. Memory loss has been huge for me lately. In particular, high school was not a pleasant time for me so I’m not surprised I didn’t remember her as I’ve tried to forget much about that time which means much still lingers (or did) in my subconscious to be released. The funny part is that neither of us said anything about being former classmates. Nothing had been brought up, yet the energy of the interaction was fairly intense. Out of nowhere, uncomfortable feelings of, “What if she recognizes me?”, “I’m *only* a service worker, not a big executive”, “I’ve lost weight, but I’m still not as good-looking as she is” and embarrassment about all of the things that I care about as my human aspect came up. The feelings were uncomfortable to say the least. As the observer, I could feel my judgments surface — even old judgments I remember having about her while we were in school — and it was interesting to watch.

In the moment, I was thankful to have the awareness that I do that I was collapsing old timelines. That knowing made acknowledging my discomfort better. My mantra lately has been to feel every emotion and to flow with it, as I know that the less I resist, the easier it is for me to shift. Yet, that has also changed too, from trying to shift out of discomfort, trying to fix what I don’t like, into full acceptance of my Soul’s experience here.

Later in the day, two more people from my past showed up. Now in curiosity mode, I was again able to observe my own thoughts and feelings around them. In both cases, I noticed that there was no charge, and in one instance, I felt genuinely happy to reconnect.

I realize, too, that just as much as I needed to clear old timelines and old emotions, that my role as a Soul was to help them clear old emotions as well. For instance, my old high school classmate left rather quickly. I don’t think she even finished her meal. The old roommate from the second interaction didn’t stay to chat and reminisce about old times like he had when we’d met in the past. The third person, a friend my husband knew before we were married, shared a joyful interaction with me. What I noticed then was that I was able to be in the moment without digging back into the stories of the past.

Still later, I was discussing my upcoming birthday with someone. When asked how old I am going to be, my mind went completely blank. It literally took 3 or more minutes to remember that I will be 31. As I continue my Ascension journey, I find myself remembering in new ways and forgetting the old. What seems more accurate to say is that my physical form is 31 years old because I feel ageless. Not only that, but I have been told by more than one person that I look younger than even 4 or 5 years ago when we met. Growing old doesn’t seem to fit into my reality anymore… at least not in the way that others have done this.

To sum up this week: memory loss/remembering, timeline clearing, creating all new realities, exciting, observations, and new Andara interactions this week… all part of my current process.

Thanks for following along with my journey. I love you.

Until next time… Much Love and Many Blessings!




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