It’s Not About Me

The message that comes in today is, “It’s not about me.”

When I’m in line at the grocery store and the clerk is rude: Nope, it’s not about me.

When I’m at work and my co-worker is snippy: Nope, it’s not about me.

When I’m feeling pressured to do things a certain way instead of honoring myself and my process: Nope. That’s not about me either.

I can almost hear you saying, “Wait. Say that again?,” but you heard me right. By now most of us know that the things outside of us, whether that be the day’s weather, other people’s reactions, or the insane driver in front of us on the way to work, do not involve us. Yet, today’s next-level teaching is about the fact that even those things that our minds hold onto and judge as being about us — including internal stress, anxiety, moodiness, tiredness, lack of self-love, feeling depressed, emotional, etc. — may on the surface be about our present experience, but at the level of the Soul, this is about releasing the old and embracing forgiveness, joy, and higher frequencies. We do this not just for ourselves, but for our ancestors, our families, our partners, our world, and for those who cross our paths in big and small ways every day.


It is helpful to remember that no matter what appears to be going on outside or what we are feeling, our Souls chose to be on Earth at this time to BE the Light and to be examples of Love. Our ancestors, our Spirit Teams of Light (including God/Source/Higher Power, Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings of Light, and our own Souls) walk beside us in every moment to cheer us on and assist us in spreading even more Light to our planet so that we can truly live out our Soul’s purposes here.

My encouragement to you: Decide to turn things over. Let Go and Let God/Soul/your YOUniverse/Highest Self show you the way. Remember that we are anchoring in more and more of NEW Earth’s Unity Consciousness so it makes sense that each of us are moving from “I” consciousness to “We” consciousness and clearing timelines for those who do not yet have (or did not have) the current Ascension tools and energies we currently have to work with.


Today, on what is supposed to be the first day of April and a sign of Spring, it snowed all day. I am not a fan of winter on the best of days and this seemed like a cruel April Fool’s Day joke from Mother Nature. This unexpected weather is such a minor thing in the grand (Divine) perspective yet I felt angry, exhausted, didn’t want to get out of bed, was snippy to my spouse, etc. for most of the day.

Then, just like a light bulb, I got the message: “It’s not about me.”

True, I was having a personal experience (and judging it, which is why I felt so badly). Yet, that was only true on one level. On the Soul level, these feelings which were much more than just annoyance about the weather, were a signal of deep stuff clearing out of my system, most of which does not even entirely belong to me! I could choose to fight it (which I knew from previous experience would lead to more suffering) or I could choose to flow with it and let go. Thankfully, I chose to turn this over. Like anything else, the more I practice, the easier this becomes and the faster I get to return to my highest version of ease, joy, and flow.

And, because my Soul is so thorough, I saw this photo today to help me really get the point:


For me, this is a helpful remember not to be fooled by outer circumstances, to be true to myself, and to remember why I AM here… even when it’s snowing in April! 🙂

Until next time… Many blessings of Pure Love and Light!

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