Money & The Spiritual Journey

There’s a prevalent idea within the spiritual community that I have recently been contemplating. This idea is that in order to progress spiritually we must invest in ourselves, and typically, that investment means spending a lot of money (sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars) on a particular spiritual tool, course, or healing session.

Having been involved in spirituality in its loosest form for the past decade, I think it’s finally time to shed some light on this topic.

For instance, what is “investing in yourself”? What does that look like? And, if I don’t have the money to make that investment, will I be denied my full enlightenment? These are all excellent questions that this article will attempt to address.


Now, full disclosure: I am writing this amidst making serious changes in my financial life. Increasingly, I find that I want to budget more closely, which means that my b.s. meter has gone on high alert when it comes to the latest Ascension product or healing session that someone is trying to convince me to buy. (Of course, this is not just limited to the spiritual realm, though I am focusing on that here as this is a spiritually-focused blog.)

When it comes down to it, 100% of what is sold on the spiritual market be it activations, audios, courses, healing sessions, books, necklaces, crystals, or anything else are sold by marketers. That is, people sell these items to make a profit. I am not saying that this is wrong or bad. I believe that everyone deserves to be financially supported in this Universe and to get paid fairly for what they offer, especially if these tools are truly life-changing, as many spiritual tools are. However, when being a savvy spiritual shopper, it’s important to be conscious of the profit motive that is behind even the most tantalizing products. Yes, the item may help you. Yes, the person or group selling it may have a very real desire to help you create change in your life. However, they also want to make money and the way they make that money is through you.

Putting this into perspective, it behooves us to become aware that not everything on the spiritual market is as pure or high vibration as it is said to be. We all have the ability to ask our own heart, our own Spirit Team, and our Soul if the item is truly something we need for our Ascension before we pay for it… but this does take willingness, patience, and practice. Also, the spiritual journey is an individual one, and the very thing that your best friend swears changed her life may not be right for where you are right now on your path.

Again, I am in no way saying that energy healers, spiritual teachers, and other Lightworkers should always do work for free. Actually, I often choose to spend money in this area as I believe that sharing money with people who are truly working for the highest and best good of all will eventually heal our broken financial system. Imagine what our world would look like if we all consciously chose to spend money on products and experiences that were aligned with our Highest Self! This would totally shift the bulk of wealth away from people whose only motives for selling are greed and profit.

Originally, I believe this idea of investing in yourself through paying for spiritual products, came from an observation by healers and other teachers that most of us suffer from extreme lack of self-worth and low self-esteem. Unfortunately, we are often told that putting ourselves first is selfish and wrong, so it’s really no wonder that many of us have a hard time with self-love. When you’re running around caring for others, it’s easy to dismiss the voice of your own Soul inside that is begging to be heard.

“Go for a run,” it says. “Get some rest,” it says. “Skip the party and work on your novel.” Yet your reply is always the same. “I’ll do that later.” “My boss really needs me.” “If I don’t, I’ll disappoint them.” And on and on it goes.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, your spiritual teacher comes in and says, “Look at my awesome new program. It’s time you invested in yourself!” And you think, “Yeah! It is time, damn it! If not now, when?”

Now, if you’re like me and you’ve had a longstanding habit of not taking care of yourself and you truly feel that this course or book or crystal or whatever would truly benefit you, then yes, this may be a sign from your own Soul/Higher Self that it’s an opportunity for you to finally do that. It’s about being discerning and listening to our own guidance… which typically occurs well outside of the sales page.

As I mentioned, I am not new to the spiritual arena. I have been investing in myself (i.e. spending time and money) through courses, meditations, retreats, audios, healing sessions, books, and so much more for years. It’s only in the past months that I’ve realized that I am way more powerful than I’ve given myself credit for and that I don’t need to work with every single healer on the planet. These days, I am much more selective of where I choose to spend my energy — and that includes the energy of money.

If asked what investing in myself meant to me a couple years ago, my answer would have been very different. Today, this means making sure that my bills are paid, that I have food to eat, clothes I want to wear (not just the threadbare items that get me by), and the things that make my life and my household more pleasant. I, like so many others, am constantly unlearning the program that staying in poverty makes me a more spiritual person. It really has just dawned on me that continuing to make unnecessary purchases— even supposedly helpful spiritual purchases — when I have other financial responsibilities, is still continuing the lack cycle. Now when I see a healing tool or some other thing that truly resonates with me, I say, “Wow! I can’t wait to purchase this. I’m going to save up so I can do so responsibly.”

It may seem like I am being contradictory, but here’s the thing: For many of us, self-help and spirituality have become addictive. Instead of feeling like it’s something that we should do if it’s truly right, each purchase becomes a have-to, a must, or supposed to. It’s like consciously or subconsciously, those of us in the spiritual community are trying to buy our way into Heaven.

Unfortunately, being spiritual doesn’t exempt us from humanity’s mind games, particularly when it comes to money. At times I have noticed a sense of eliticism and the sadness of missing out when those with more money could easily buy the courses, personal sessions, or higher-end packages that I so wished I could afford. Feeling competitive, I would often settle for the audio or lower-priced option, and needless to say, these were often the things that I would use for a few days and then lose interest in. From this place, every purchase made wasn’t because it helped my Soul’s purpose, but because of the mistaken belief that I wouldn’t have access to my highest potential if I didn’t make a purchase.

TRUTH: My highest potential is already accessible if I would just stop and look.

TRUTH: Enlightenment is within me and IS me, so no one can take that away.

It’s time to call foul on marketers who claim that we can’t Ascend if we don’t buy their spiritual products. Simply put, this is a lie. Their product may make my spiritual journey easier or more accelerated, but in the end, it should be my Soul that guides rather than testimonials on a sales page.

As always, my message is to not give your power away to anyone or anything outside of you, regardless of whether it carries the label of spiritual or not. When it’s time to go to the next level to take that course, to get that spiritual tool, or whatever it is — we know inside our hearts, and more often than not, the money comes in to support that.

Love yourself. Trust yourself. And know that even the best spiritual tool is nothing compared to the amazing power that already lies within.

Until next time … May you be blessed with Pure Love & Light beyond your wildest dreams! Contemplate it. Activate it. From inside of you. You already have all that you need.

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