Merging, Purging, and Integration

I was planning on starting my Conversations with Merlin series today. Instead, I feel like relaxing and integrating energy, so stay tuned for channeled messages from Ascended Master Merlin in upcoming weeks. 🙂

As an update, my Ascension journey continues to be more blissful, wild, and magical than ever. I’m currently looking outside my window as the sky pours down buckets of snow, yet I not only see the light gray of the sky, but pink, orange, and rainbow colors, too! Looking at the snow on my deck, snow that should be still when not affected by wind, appears wavy and psychedelic. Even amidst the fierceness of the storm, I can’t help but feel a sense of peace.

Before you start making assumptions… no, I am not taking any drugs or alcohol into my system. However, I consciously set powerful intentions for this month including *seeing* NEW Earth energies and more fully opening/embracing my psychic abilities, so none of this should come as a surprise.

I know others who have had similar experiences along their Ascension journey, which is explained scientifically as the brain secreting hormones such as melatonin and DMT when consciousness expands. (You can read more about that here.) Still, nothing can quite prepare you for the strangeness when this actually occurs.

Explorer of Consciousness that I AM, instead of being freaked out, I choose to see it all as Magic, Light, and Love showing up in my physical reality as I continually expand my perception of what is possible. I also take it as a sign that I AM Ascending into NEW Earth, which means opening myself up to new ways of existing while also leaving behind old illusions, fears, trauma, and limiting beliefs.

Today, I leave you with this Divine Energy/Reiki-infused photo. Take a few moments to embrace this powerful energy in whatever way is right for you. It seems obvious, but I feel guided to mention that you can print this out if you wish, so someone may need to hear that today. (I’m waaay beyond the point of questioning my inner guidance, so there you go!)

Until next time… Love, Light, and Many Blessings!






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