Why Love Matters

Happy February!!!

The more I continue my Ascension journey, the more weird time gets. In the past I had experienced time moving very quickly — so fast that I could barely remember days or months going by. Of course, part of this is collective consciousness, as from a young age I was told by my elders that “years fly by,” “honor your youth while you have it,” “time flies when you’re having fun,” and all that sort of nonsense. I know now that none of that has to be true. It’s clear I’m Ascending and experiencing new dimensions because much of what I’ve been told no longer applies or even makes sense.

In contrast, time in January moved extra slow. I kept trying to move ahead on projects and goals, but I kept being pushed back and being shown all of the places where I was still resisting my flow. Sooo many situations came up where I felt like I was being forced to stop and fully acknowledge whatever was going on in my mind and in my heart before being allowed to move on to the next stage. Even when the energy was intense, the more I sat with it, the more it became clear that the situations, relationships, and everything going chaotic was simply resistance that needed to go. Of course, it’s always so much easier to see that looking back! However, I have started to appreciate those great teaching moments from my Higher Self to assist me in reacting more slowly and in honoring my feelings.

(A quick note because it needs to be said: I do not believe that we are here on Earth to learn lessons. Life is not a test for which we pass or fail. I use the term “teaching moments” because it can be very helpful to examine exactly what is occurring or has occurred in my life so that I can make new, informed decisions moving forward that are more in alignment with my Higher Self. However, it’s a choice. In a different state of consciousness which I am constantly in the process of becoming I could have chosen to receive that knowledge gracefully and in joy without needing the resistance to show me. It’s a process and I do know I will get there soon.)

Now that February is here, for many of us, the focus is on Love. Valentine’s Day on the 14th, romantic love, and friendships all get a spotlight. Between the media and social expectations, we are often shown that the Love we want is always out there instead of within. Not only that, but the incessant need to focus on Love, Love, Love often having it thrown in our faces in a commercial, artificial sort of way creates a kind of desensitvity to the True meaning of Love itself. What good is Love, when we attach the word as quickly to a new smartphone as we do to our boyfriend or to our clothes? (And often, in reality, deflecting love for ourselves to other people or things because that’s easier.)

With all this Love in the air, I’d like to examine *why* Love Matters. It’s not for the chocolates, gifts, and flowers (though those can be nice). It’s not even about being in a romantic relationship or having a Soul Mate. Individually, Globally, and for the Soul I wanted to sit with my Angels and Guides and bring forth a message on…

What Is Love, Really?


For those of you who are unfamiliar with me, when I say that I asked my Angels and Guides, I literally mean that. I called forth the Angels and Ascended Masters with whom I AM connected. I asked for my own Soul and Higher Self to bring forth a message.

And they said…

Love is inside. It is your own guidance leading you and telling you when you are in and out of alignment. Love is not bashful. There is never too much or not enough. Love is all there is and we don’t say this in a clichéd sort of way. Listen and hear this clearly:

Love *Really* Is All There Is

On the other side of hatred… is Love.

On the side of anger… is Love.

On the side of fear… is Love.

There is only Love.

The question is, Why, as humans, do you not see it?

Well, the reason is simply that you are not looking for it. You are searching for Love everywhere but in yourselves. You see confusion and turmoil in your world and you come to “realize” (think) that that’s all there is. When in Truth, if you would stop for a moment and sit with the feelings (which means paying attention) you would know that Love is moving within, through, and around every thing, including that which you see outside.

The thing of it is, until you choose to go inside, you have no way of accessing this Truth (which some of you will call the 5th dimension where only Love exists) because you are not focused there.

So, to answer your question, Love is YOU.

YOU = Your Own Universe, which essentially means, Your Own Heart.

Love is accessible on your planet everywhere there is sun. Even when the sun does not appear, you do not doubt its existence. Why, then, do you doubt the existence of Love even when it seems to disappear for a short while?

No, we say True-ly when we speak that Love IS all there is. To YOU. To Your Planet. To Your World. To Your One-Way Personal Crises to which you cannot see your way out, to which it seems that no solution appears.

There is only, and ever has been, Eternal Love. It does not fade or disappear.

But, you have to choose it. You have to align with it. You must *choose* to look for it. Not “out there” when this person is saying what you want, doing what you want… When you have your “dream” job or the right income… Not even when you in your judgment and opinion are doing the “right” things, eating the right foods, choosing to meditate, exercise, and do all of the things that you are taught that you are supposed to do (though we know that many of those things are, in fact, good for you we are simply saying to use your judgment instead of listening to another).

Instead, Love IS your Truth.

Embrace it. Honor it. Honoring YOU is Love.

Set clear boundaries. Say “no” sometimes. Say “yes” when you are afraid to, too.

Love is not the sacred mystery that you all make it out to be. It’s also not the perfect “one” out there who “completes” you. Love is YOU.

Do not be fearful. Do not be sad when we say that YOU are all you have. Because YOU are everything. YOU are the Universe. And wherever you are (or are not) in alignment, Love (or lack) will show you.

This month of February, embrace your heart. For it is the seat where Love is planted within the physical and etheric bodies. Love yourselves. Love your life. Love your situations. Love your planet. Love your world. And see that Love reflected back to you more and more as you do.

To affect global change… That is *why* Love matters. It’s all you came here to do.

End Channeling

Well, you heard it directly. Love yourself! That’s the way  (the only way) all will come back into alignment. This is a great awareness for me, too, as every time I sit to write a new blog post so much comes through me that I need to hear, as well as share.

A special “Thank You” to my Angelic Team and Ascended Masters for bringing this message through with such Grace and Clarity. My fingers were literally flying off the keyboard trying to keep up. That’s when you know it’s good. 🙂

I love you. Until next time… Blessings of pure Love and Light!

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