What’s Next? (Moving Into 5D & Ascension)

Hello, dear readers! First of all, I’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to all of you who posted such beautiful comments in response to last week’s blog. Each of you has reminded me why I continue to share my writing and my experiences here. Thank you much!

Today, I want to share something that I don’t talk about often. I actually haven’t shared this on this blog… ever. I think part of the reason was needing to understand for myself more of what has been going on. Also, I fully admit that what I’m about to share is totally in the realm of “out there,” and “woo woo,” to the max. However, in keeping with my theme of Truth and Action this year (funny… my life IS really all about that more and more!), y’all deserve to know what’s up.


I have been in various degrees of spirituality and integration of higher vibrations ever since learning about energy healing in 2009. Last year, through having sessions and daily activations with April Olas, I started to notice that my psychic abilities — in particular, my ability to feel energy — began to blossom in a big way. Most notably, I observed that when I listened to her energy-encoded mp3s or participated in her daily energy transmissions, my crown (top of head) started tingling.

Fast forward a few months when I began work with Erica Rock* and I became activated even more. In particular, in the months leading up to my Grace Blessings Retreat with Erica this August, as well as receiving (almost) daily energy transmissions from her, my crown and now the top of my left foot (!) is in a near constant state of tingling and fire.

In the midst of all this, I also began to work with Andara — extremely high vibration crystals which bring forth new energies and activations for me daily. In particular, I like to sleep with these crystals under my pillow and boy, do they bring forth some wild dreams! Yet, I am now at a point where I enjoy the dreams and wake up feeling refreshed. (This was not always the case in the beginning, as it takes awhile to adjust to the high energy of these. Andara are totally unlike the crystals that many New Age/spiritual/metaphysical folks have been working with and I will probably write about these magnificent beings in a separate post sometime.)

The reason I am mentioning all of this is because I hear so many talk about Ascension symptoms, integration of energy, and light portals. I also share so that what I’m about to say is put into the proper context, meaning: I did not just wake up one day with all of these strange sensations. It was, and continues to be, a process.

After a closer examination of what the heck happened last week, I realized that as we went through the 1:22 portal, my rage was bringing forth a lot of deeper “stuff” which spanned more than just the topic at hand. Clearly, to move on to my next phase, I needed to take a step back in order to observe and to move past these illusions of self-doubt, angst, betrayal, and more.  Coming out on the other side, I now feel like a new person. I feel energized, fully alive, and frankly, kind of like I stuck my finger in a light socket!

While there is part of me that has stopped trying to logically figure out the exact meaning behind these experiences, I know that it’s not often that I write at 8 pm feeling like the top of my head is on fire and words pouring out of me like a faucet, so somebody somewhere needs to hear this message — possibly another aspect of myself who is still trying to prove that all of this stuff if real. 🙂

I have come to accept that the crown tingling, heat running through my body, need to sleep A LOT now, and all of the various stages of emotion that I go through as all of this happens, is part of  my Ascension journey… at least for now. It’s actually exciting as I feel like I am now receiving new energies from within, manifesting outwards.

A quick aside: When I refer to Ascension, I am referring to the physical and energetic journey from a 3d (physical, material, “see it before I believe it,” struggle, duality, lack, fear, etc.) world into a higher dimension. Most people who study New Age spirituality call this higher dimension 5d, though it is generally understood that other dimensions exist beyond the fifth. Another common term used for 5d is Heaven on Earth. As opposed to the third dimension, this is a place of magic, mystery, and where the original Divine blueprint is restored (before the actual or metaphoric “fall from grace” referred to in the Biblical Garden of Eden story). In 5d, everything that we experienced in 3d gets turned upside down. Manifestations happen super fast and there can be a sense of inner peace/stillness as well as an increased focus on unity and being in service. (I didn’t make this up. A lot of this language comes from Lisa Transcendence Brown, April Olas, Erica Rock, and others… far too many sources to remember or name.)

Back to my story, I wanted to share my particular version of Ascension as a lot of times, people go through the spiritual journey feeling alone. For myself, I’ve had to fight the belief that I’m the only one with these odd sensations as for the most part, the people I encounter on a daily basis aren’t into spiritual stuff and don’t really understand most of what I’m experiencing.

Now, I do want to mention that we are all different. As such, your spiritual journey will probably look and feel unique from mine. Part of the reason behind these differences is because we all have various triggers and “stuff” to work through to reach our experience of Heaven on Earth. I’ve come to believe that a lot of my spiritual work has to do with rewiring my brain — getting rid of all of the self-doubt, limitations, fear, and junk that I’ve accumulated over the years — and replacing those with Truth, Love, Light, self-empowerment, and Joy. I take the energy in my crown as a sign that I am increasingly moving into my Higher Self/Divine aspect, releasing a lot of what was holding me back while living in 3d. While at first I was scared, now I embrace the “happy tingles” as I call them, as well as all of the emotions that come up as I am working through and moving beyond each life situation that presents itself.

Really, I think that’s the point. Last year I would have said “onwards and upwards,” but I am beginning to understand that my spiritual journey is more about moving inwards and upwards — expanding through increased self-awareness and simply letting go of what’s no longer working or in alignment.

There’s always more to learn, but overall, I am excited that things that used to take me years to integrate, understand, and to move beyond, are now done in a much shorter space of time. We are in some fast, high vibrational times and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Until next week, I am sending you Love, Joy, and Light!


*My link in this article for Erica Rock is an affiliate link. This is a great resource to learn about Grace Blessings and to receive the latest Ascension tools to keep your vibration UP.  Your purchase here supports me in continuing to be of service to you, and to all who visit this site.





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