Fun! A Summary of Abraham Teachings

I’d heard about Abraham Hicks before, but over the past month, I’ve really been absorbed. I watch their YouTube videos almost non-stop. Then I bought their meditation app  (really a book with audios, called Getting into the Vortex — It’s very good, by the way). And I listen to Abraham while I work.

Looking back, after my “revelation” in February … which felt more like a remembering that I should try channeling, it now makes perfect sense that I would be attracted to Abraham whose wisdom is channeled with such precision and clarity by Esther Hicks.

In one inspired moment, I drafted a summary of what I think are the essential teachings of Abraham. I feel they are so valuable because these words cover nearly every topic on the planet. They are spoken with love, clarity, and most importantly, they just really resonate.

Please note, I take no credit for this. These words are a summary (my interpretation) of the teachings of Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks.


So, without further ado, I present:

Fun! A Summary of Abraham Teachings

1 Be easy. Meditation helps with this. It’s a great way to start your day.

2 Be happy.  It only takes  16 seconds to switch your thoughts and start the momentum towards a new vibration. No matter who is around you or what you’re doing, choose happy! Eventually, this high vibration will be so practiced that you can go anywhere, do anything, and be with anyone and it simply won’t bother you. But until then, it’s okay to ignore your problems. In fact, the more you chill out, the more likely it is that the solution and new conditions will appear, as if by magic (but really, that’s just the Law of Attraction).

3 Appreciate everything. Even the contrast launches “rockets of desire” and spurs you towards what you want. Bless those who don’t understand or who you perceive as making your life difficult, as they are helping you on your journey.

It’s not your job to change anyone or anything outside of you. Just stop focusing on it and instead, focus on what IS working, what IS going well. The more you do, the more you attract those better conditions towards you – but really, nothing outside will have changed. Instead, it is your focus that changes your point of attraction.

4 Forget about reality and what is. Start telling a new story… about your career, your health, your finances, relationships, your sex life, your weight, or whatever it is that you are trying to improve. Write it down and think of the new story often. Look for the evidence, the ways it is already showing up. Daydream, imagine, be joyful, and stay focused on what you want.

5 Feel the feeling of what you want as if it’s already occurred. If there’s too much resistance, just drop the subject. Let yourself off the hook. You only have to think about what you want when it feels good… and the real secret is, you don’t have to think about it at all in order for it and more like it, to show up.YOU JUST HAVE TO FEEL GOOD. Eventually, you won’t be able to stop the positivity from flowing. That’s momentum.

6 Chill out. Repeat often, “Everything always works out for me.” Then chill out some more.  It’s not up to you to “make” anything happen. Your job is simply to get in alignment (by feeling good) and then, just allow.

Taking massive action is the old way of doing things. But the gift is in feeling good now, letting yourself feel good and stay there as much as you can, staying focused on what you want (by arguing for your unlimited potential more than your limitations) and then, watch as the Universe lines everything up for you. When it feels right — and not before — then take inspired action.

Admittedly, this one can be tricky, because even some Law of Attraction teachers coach that you’ve got to get out your Vision Board and write affirmations 10 times every day or take some sort of massive action that makes your manifestation occur. The truth is, Source/your Inner Being already knows all is well. Source only sees the solution and it exists now if you would only allow it! But not through force.

Why? Because “forcing” things into being sends out a powerful signal to the Universe that you don’t already have it… that you’re fearful it won’t show up… and that propels more of that same energy. Do nothing except monitor your thoughts and choose to feel good and watch as life comes into balance.

7 Watch the manifestation show up. As you simply let go of trying to make it happen and keep your thoughts focused on feeling good, you’ll be amazed at how soon things will start showing up. But, try to feel good just for the sake of feeling good rather than in order to manifest more money or a better relationship, etc.

Don’t fall into the trap of keeping score by noticing what hasn’t shown up, but rather, stay in the energy of positive expectation and excitement. The Universe already knows everything you desire. It’s already cued up for you. The question is, will you allow it?

Feel good because it feels good to feel good. And watch how the feeling good naturally brings more into your experience to feel good about. Then, as you notice what comes and you appreciate it, more good shows up. The secret is, there’s no secret. It’s just how the Universe works.


What should I do when I can’t feel good? What about this bill I need to pay or my boss who is demanding, or…, or…, or…

Here’s what to do:

Take a deep breath. Realize that no matter what is happening, only you can choose how you think about it. You may not be able to change the circumstance right now in this minute, but you can always choose how you feel. That’s true freedom.

Many people make the mistake of waiting for outside conditions to improve before they feel better. The truth is, you must choose to feel better and then (only then) will different conditions show up and line up for you. So, again, relax. Rest easy.

Some affirmations that help:

  • Things are always working out for me.
  • This thing that I don’t want is showing me what I do want, and as such, the Universe must be bringing that to me.
  • This is a temporary manifestation.
  • I get to choose my thoughts and I’m moving towards something better.
  • I can’t wait to see what shows up next!

If you still feel resistant and find yourself going, “Yeah, but…” then it may be necessary to choose a different subject to think about entirely – something neutral that you have no charge about… like feathers, or the sky, or birds. Think about that topic for awhile. At the same time, bless the topic you’ve been struggling against, as the “reality” is, it is that struggle which shows you what you don’t want so you can know what you do want and begin going in a new direction. And so, there is always value, even in the struggle.

Then, from that higher awareness and feeling of appreciation, go back and pay the bill or have the conversation or whatever it is. Notice how it will feel different to you. Again, it is not the condition that will have changed, but the point from which you view it. And that makes all the difference.

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