Where Have You Been?

Phew! Happy 2016!!! We made it! (Okay, I’m done with the exclamation points… promise.)

A good indication that I haven’t written for awhile? I had to check my email to remember the name of this blog. (Yikes.)

During my 6-month blogging hiatus, I dove right into copywriting. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll realize that this was pretty much my dream job. And there’s great news… I’m still loving it. I did, however, realize that copywriting isn’t the end for me.

Back in September, I figured that I had everything figured out. I’d start copywriting, learn the tricks of the trade, and be on my way to a six-figure income before you could say, “moolah.” Trouble is, I forgot the one thing that ALL of the spiritual gurus, ALL of my internal guides, and ALL of my intuition says — the point of life is joy and expansion.

There’s a tricky thing that happens when all of a sudden we get the good stuff… We want more good stuff. Also, we start seeing the not so good things that we hadn’t counted on when we first manifested the thing we wanted. (Actually, that doesn’t have to happen if we’re truly aligned with a positive vibe as we’re manifesting, but I digress…)All of which is to say that copywriting is a great place for me while I’m manifesting my next quantum leap.

And what is that great leap? Nope, I’m not going to do the “I dunno,” cop out. I’m going to tell the truth, as weird and as crazy as it sounds. But hey, if you’re reading this blog, you either really like and respect me despite my “woo woo” tendencies and/or you already “get” this stuff on some level so you probably won’t judge.

Okay, deep breath. During my break from personal writing, I’ve been getting a strong impulse to channel a book. Now, for those of you unfamiliar, channeling is basically a state of communication between you and another entity/being(s). These days, there are tons of books on channeling (the Orin and Daben books are very helpful if you’re interested). Unlike the very scary and weird rituals of the past, there’s no need to go into a deep trance, say any spells, or take a potion for it to work. In fact, when I channel, it feels joyful, loving, and expansive – like an extension of me.

So, I’ve been playing the field, getting to know my spirit guides and seeing what we can do. I haven’t officially started the book as all of this is still new for me, but it’s very exciting. I feel like I’m finally beginning to “get” that my life purpose doesn’t really have to do with a job. Writing, yes. But it’s more about deciding who I want to be and creating from that vibration. And I have to say, any time I talk to my guides they just keep telling me to relax and have fun. As they say, “Humanity is really stressed out. The purpose of life is to enjoy it! If it feels good, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t.” I think I’m finally starting to understand that.

Another cool thing that’s happened is that I’ve linked to April Olas. April talks about the quantum field A LOT because she plays and does energy work from there. The quantum field is truly the field of limitless possibilities. It’s a pretty fun place to be. I encourage you to check out her telesummits and offers: www.quantumjourneys.com/events

No, I’m not getting paid for referrals. And yes, this work is totally life-changing.

Until we meet again… HAVE FUN!!!


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