Why I’m Not With It And Proud Of It

Lately, I’ve been reading books and articles from the blogging gurus about what it takes to run a successful blog. One tip that appears constantly is the need to share with readers the interesting and upcoming things that are happening in my niche.

I guess this one is a stumbling block for me because spirituality and personal development have been around since the dawn of time. While it’s true that coaches develop new programs, more recent books come out, etc. the concepts that I’m discussing are eternal. If anything, spirituality is a re-discovery of the self that is not based on the latest tech gadget, top 40 song list, or any other fad.


I’m also not a fan of social media or the media in general, really. I enjoy movies, but I haven’t watched cable TV in years, and I don’t read the news. In fact, when I log onto my yahoo mail account, I go directly to the email sign-in page so I can avoid the celebrity gossip and doomsday stories. (Thankfully, Google doesn’t make me endure that kind of torture.)

Instead of wondering what’s wrong with me, I take this as a sign of what is right. As a person who is growing spiritually and creating an increasingly amazing life, I’m learning to accept that it’s okay to be weird. Instead of trying to be like the crowd, I listen to my feelings, following the path of whatever feels good and harms none.

As a whole, those of us who consider ourselves lightworkers – and those who share the journey with us – are now standing out more than ever to assist humanity into a new era. More people are meditating, learning techniques for positive manifestation, and having direct conversations with God/Source instead of letting a priest or guru do it for us. Together, we are returning humanity to its’ natural state of joy, love, and abundance.

It’s not that I don’t care about what goes on in the world. It’s just that I care more about what goes on in my inner world. I care more about connecting with people and hearing their personal stories than I do about the person who made the front page this week. I care more about the energy I am sending out and what I’m taking in.

So if my material seems a little outdated, please forgive me – but in my opinion, inspiration and spiritual tools never go out of style.


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