You Did What!? What To Do When People Question Your Sanity



Unless you live in a vacuum, it’s likely that you’ll encounter people throughout the day. For spiritual, empathic types, it can be hard to deal with other people’s energy, especially if you’re actively trying to create something new in your life.

We’re told to create vision boards, to feel the excitement of your dream coming to fruition, and for a lot of people in visualization mode, it’s tempting to share your goals with others. After all, if you’re really excited about a new career, becoming healthier this year, or any other momentous goals, surely the people around you will be supportive, right?

So, you start telling your co-workers that you’ve applied for that new job. You tell your husband that you submitted your work of art to the local art gallery, or otherwise made it known that you’re actually making progress towards your goals. But instead of greeting you with a big hug and a, “Congratulations!,” you end up receiving a barrage of reasons why it won’t work, why you shouldn’t get your hopes up, or why your plans for success will cost you more money in the end than it’s worth.

Hopes dashed, you simper into a corner and think, “Maybe they’re right. Who am I do that anyway?” As Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can, or you can’t – you’re right.” The thing is, as much as our society values achievers, if you start to rock the boat and release the status quo, you might find resistance.

It’s not because your friends and family don’t care about you. Actually, they most likely resist because they DO care about you and they don’t want to see you get hurt. Your moving ahead can seem threatening and cause those around you to examine their own dreams, and perhaps become a little resentful because of the dreams they let slip by.

So what do you do? If you’re still in the visualization/creation stage, your best option is to keep it to yourself. By all means, visualize, write out your dreams, and continue to take actions towards your goals, but don’t tell everyone about it. Instead, save your precious energy for taking action and let your results be evidence in itself.

If you must tell someone, pick a select few who you know believe in you and will be supportive. As harsh as it may sound, that might not be the people closest to you, especially if they have a hard time believing in or accepting the idea of conscious manifestation. I often find support through online communities (like this one!) or at retreats and workshops that cater to spiritual concepts.

Finally, be gentle with yourself. This rule applies to almost anything in life, but especially when you’re just getting started on a new manifestation. Remember that we’re all human. Create your own inner strength and don’t stop believing in yourself, even if no one else yet believes in you.

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