The Miracle

Anyone who knows me from childhood knows that I spent much of my adolescence reading books and writing poetry. Some of my earliest memories are of me sitting on my bed and reciting Emily Dickenson to my teddy bears. I credit my love of poetry to my mom, who was a talented writer. Still, it’s been years since I’ve written any poetry.  Being refused entry into a college writing class was enough to convince me that my poetry wasn’t very good. I should have known that the fire wouldn’t die so easily. So, though it has been a decade since I have written a poem, I am delighted to share a beautiful piece that came to me through my morning meditation. Strangely enough, I was planning to intuit information for a tagline for this blog!


There I am

Wandering in the darkness

You showed me light

You clothed me

You sheltered me

And it all came through consciousness

By being aware that I can choose my thoughts

I become master of my destiny.


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