Energy Healing & Psychic Readings

in Sedona, Arizona


Nicole Asheriel is a channel for Source, reminding you of your own Inner Light.  Her Intuitive Readings and Soul Empowerment Sessions allow you to live as the most healthy, vibrant & loving version of yourself.

With Soul Empowerment you are able to…

  • Easily release the past
  • Choose forgiveness
  • Feel more alive & present
  • Ease symptoms of being an empath & sensitivity to others’ vibration
  • Heal on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level
  • Receive Divine Empowerment (the ability to step into who you were born to be!)

Divine Energy starts working on you from the minute you book your healing!

In addition to energy healing services, Nicole offers Psychic/Intuitive Readings to provide you with clear messages and accurate guidance from your Angels, Guides and Higher Self. Let’s clear away your confusion so that you can more gracefully face challenges and gain clear direction. Psychic Readings are applicable to any (or all!) areas of life, from Health, Love/Relationships, Job/Career or Business Questions, Life Purpose and more.

For a full list of readings and healing options, please visit DIVINE HEALING SERVICES

Sessions are available in person in Sedona, Arizona or via remote/distance.